How to Grow a Mustache

How to Grow a Mustache

Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury. What do these iconic specimens of man have in common? One answer, The Mustache. Contrary to popular belief growing a mustache takes more effort than just simply growing a mustache. It requires patient maintenance to ensure you don’t look like a feral man (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Working with the hair as it grows, is the best way to ensure that it stays healthy, hydrated and groomed. Yes, it does require a little TLC to grow the perfect mustache, but it’s not going to take hours of your day. We promise. With that in mind, let us step off this soap box and share some pointers on how to grow an immaculate mustache

1. Be Real with Biology

We love you, so we’re gonna be real with you. Not everyone is able to grow the full Tom Selleck and that’s OK. The trick is to choose a mustache style that works for you, luckily there a dozens of styles to choose from. If you’re mustache growing capabilities fall more into the wispy range instead of a full on broom than consider rocking a different look.

2. Decide on Your Style

A great segue from our first point, the next step is to choose a mustache style that will look the best on you. Now that we’re blessed to live in the age of the internet, you have no shortage of mustache pictures to search for. Take your time to look for the style that suits you the most. Maybe consider looking at pictures where the subject resembles your features. Almost every male celebrity has had a mustache in his life so if you’ve got a favorite, it’s worth it to take a look.

3. The Growing Process

When growing your beard, make sure to grow one along with your beard first. Then when the corners of your mustache hairs grow long enough, it is time to consider trimming your facial hair into the style of mustache you prefer. Try not to trim your beard until enough of your mustache has grown out. On its own, a baby mustache can look a little odd. Overall remember to be patient, the thicker you want your mustache to be, the longer you’ll have to wait.

4. Create a Mustache Routine

Just like skincare routine, it is important to keep a facial hair routine to maintain the health and integrity of your mustache. Even in the growing stages be sure to wash your mustache with either a daily facial cleanser like Zeus Daily Charcoal Face Wash. You may also use a beard shampoo, like specially formulated Zeus Beard Shampoo to keep things clean. After cleansing, if you want to incorporate moisture into your facial hair, try using a beard oil like this Natural Beard Oil, to leave your skin and follicles hydrated. 

5. Invest in Quality Tools

While your mustache is growing, you’re going to want to invest in some grooming tools. The top two things you’re going to want on hand is a mustache comb and some trimming scissors. A mustache scissor is preferred to any old shears because they’re so tiny. They can easily snip away any stray hairs or unruly ends in detail. A quality pair like this Handmade German Stainless Steel Scissor is all you need on hand.

6. Style it Properly

Finally, the most important thing to understand is that just because you are growing out your mustache doesn’t mean you can’t style them. Keeping your facial hair in check keeps that awkward growing stage from getting too awkward. Grab some mustache wax between your fingers and run them through your stache to tame those hairs and create a long lasting hold. Style them as desired either your finger or your mustache comb. The good news is that most mustache waxes come in small tins that are easily slipped into pockets and perfect for the man on the go. This mustache wax, comes in a refreshing Verbena Lime scent.
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