How to Tame Your Frizzy Beard

How to Tame Your Frizzy Beard

There may be times when you want to rock the mountain man look, and there may be times when you need to keep things a little more sleek. For when the time calls to smooth out the rough edges, break out these top tips on how to tame and style your frizzy beard

1. Apply a Beard Oil or Beard Balm

The easiest method to taming your beard is to use the right styling products. After shampooing and conditioning your beard, take the time to pat it dry and then apply your product of choice throughout the length of your beard. Premium beard oil and beard balms have hydrating qualities that help reduce the look of frizz and assist hair in not getting tangled. Be sure to use products formulated with high quality ingredients, like Zeus Beard Oil or Zeus Beard Balm that come in multiple fragrances.

2. Brush or Comb Your Beard Regularly

Don’t underestimate the power of a good run through with a brush or comb. If you’re beard is longer, we advise you to use a more wide tooth comb to assist in detangling. Shorter brushes are more ideal for short to medium length beards as it won’t pull on your strands too much. Stretching out your strands can cause a number of problems, such as unnecessary static electricity and a weakened hair strand prone to breakage and split ends. This can contribute to a beard looking unruly and frizzy. Gentle combing or brushing with product also helps to style the hair.

3. Trim Your Beard Regularly

Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs a good trimming every so often. Investing a in a good pair of trimming scissors is a smart move. Regular trimmings of your beard will get rid of any brittle split ends, these tend to poke out and create the “frizz” you see in your beard. Start by combing your beard and then use a handy pair of trimming scissors to cut off those scraggly ends.

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