zeus hand soap with aloe vera

Introducing the Zeus Hand Soap with Aloe Vera: Our God-Tier Hand Cleanser

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” And while its original meaning is more religious in nature, we’ll be looking at the phrase from a more hygienic point of view.

The team here at Zeus wants to make sure our customers’ freshness and cleanliness are at god-tier levels. Our beard shampoo makes sure that your mane is free of dirt while keeping it soft and hydrated. And now you can say the same about your hands.

Introducing the Zeus Hand Soap with Aloe Vera. Our latest cleanser is vegan-friendly and made in USA. Plus it’s loaded with natural ingredients that can protect your mitts from dryness and irritation, which is especially helpful during this time when keeping your hands clean is more important than ever.

Our aloe-based formula focuses on moisturizing your skin and locking in that hydration. This is especially useful if you are in constant contact with dirty objects or surfaces and have to keep washing your hands.

In addition to the aloe, our hand soap contains lavender oil, which soothes irritation and gently removes grime from your hands. Its scent is relaxing, too.

zeus hand soap with aloe vera

There’s also lemon and tea tree oils, which helps naturally fight germs and bacteria while soothing and gently exfoliating the skin.

We love adding tea tree oil in our products because of its effectiveness against germs. On top that, it's great for those who have sensitive skin.

With those combination of natural ingredients, you can rest assured that your hands won’t dry out and become irritated. And like our other products, our hand soap is free of any parabens and sulfates.

Though our hand soap is great at keeping your hands clean and fresh, please be aware that this cleanser is for household use and is not recommended for medical settings.

And when washing your hands, make sure to do so for at least 20 seconds. That makes sure all those unwanted germs are gone.

Washing your hands with the Zeus Hand Soap with Aloe Vera won’t turn you into a god, but it’ll sure feel like it.

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