Introducing Zeus Tattoo Balm: Tattoo Moisturizer for Inked Gods and Goddesses

Introducing Zeus Tattoo Balm: Tattoo Moisturizer for Inked Gods and Goddesses

We’re all about keeping our customers’ hair and skin hydrated and healthy here at Zeus.

Many people know how well our beard oil, balm and conditioner moisturizes your mane, and props to those that use our bar soap and hand soap to keep your body and hands hydrated and flake-free.

Now we have something else for y’all, specifically for our inked gods and goddesses.

Introducing the Zeus Tattoo Balm — our vegan-friendly moisturizer and revitalizer for your tattoos!

Why Use Zeus Tattoo Balm?

zeus tattoo balm

Whether you have one piece, a sleeve or a whole body suit, our easy-to-spread balm will get your tattoos looking crisp while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

The Zeus Tattoo Balm achieves this by incorporating coconut oil as well as shea and cocoa butters to the formula. These ingredients combined provide antioxidant-rich moisture, which protects the ink by slowly delaying signs of aging skin while ensuring the tattoo lines stay sharp and the colors remain bright.

On top of that, there’s also quick-absorbing grape seed oil in our formula, a natural antimicrobial that can kill germs while improving your skin’s elasticity.

There’s also calendula oil — an extract of marigold flowers — in our balm. This aids in healing your skin if it has any cuts, and it can also relieve skin irritation.

Our tattoo balm is easy to spread on your skin and it’s non-greasy, so it won’t feel like you lathered yourself in baby oil. The balm is lightly scented with sandalwood essential oils for a subtle freshness.

And like many of our products, the Zeus Tattoo Balm is free of parabens and sulfates. You won’t find any petroleum, beeswax or lanolin here.

How to Use Zeus Tattoo Balm

zeus tattoo balm

Using our tattoo balm is straightforward. Before you apply the balm onto your skin, make sure that the areas you are applying the product onto are clean and dry.

Take a small dab of the tattoo balm and rub it into your skin. You’ll immediately see your tattoos become revitalized.

A word of caution: While our tattoo balm is a great way to care for your tattoos while keeping your skin moisturized, we do not recommend applying our balm to fresh tattoos. Only use Zeus Tattoo Balm on fully healed tattoos.

Please follow the recommendations made by your tattoo artist or dermatologist.

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