Natural Deodorant: How Making the Switch Can Improve Skin and Health

Natural Deodorant: How Making the Switch Can Improve Skin and Health

Spraying or swiping on some deodorant is typical of most people's morning routines. After all, no one wants to be the sweaty guy or girl who smells weird at school or work. However, while deodorant can solve some of your hygiene issues, it can also bring problems of its own. To lessen the risk of skin irritation and possible health issues associated with antiperspirant, natural deodorant is an alternative option.

Natural deodorant products do not contain the same ingredients that drugstore antiperspirant deodorants do like aluminum and parabens. In addition, a natural deodorant will target the maintenance of moisture in your skin, not the stripping of natural oils to plug sweat and pores.

To further explain the benefits of using a natural deodorant, here at Zeus Beard, we compiled the research for everything you need to know.

Why are ingredients like aluminum and parabens considered potentially harmful?

First off, aluminum is used in deodorant products because it works as a sweat blocker. The aluminum salts form a chemical reaction with the liquid sweat to temporarily plug the duct. However, unfortunately, this can also negatively plug pores.

There has been debate in the medical community over whether aluminum is safe to use in antiperspirant products or not. Circulating claims link the ingredient to serious health problems like breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. However, other doctors claim that because the body is reacting with the chemical and not absorbing it, the risk is insignificant.

In addition to aluminum, parabens are another factor to consider when making deodorant purchasing choices. Often used as a preservative, these chemicals can throw off your body's hormonal balance.

Other toxins to keep an eye out for when looking at antiperspirants are Triclosan, a pesticide that has anti-bacterial properties but can weaken the immune system over time, and artificial colors or bleaches that can cause averse allergic reactions.

Switching to a natural deodorant

Switching to a natural deodorant will significantly reduce your risk for the simple reason that you are only exposing yourself to sensitive ingredients.

For instance, the Zeus Natural Deodorant Spray ($21 / 3.4 fl. oz.) switches out aluminum and parabens for Safflower, which helps to hydrate and soothe the skin. In addition, the fresh Verbena Lime scent and fast-drying odor protection still deliver the fresh scent you intended. It is also easy to use by simply shaking and spraying one to two times.

In addition to being aluminum free and paraben free, the Zeus Natural Deodorant Spray is petrochemical free, mineral oil free, sulfate free, DEA free and cruelty free.

What does it mean to be free of these chemicals and toxins?

petrochemical free

Petrochemicals are chemicals derived from petroleum and natural gas. Petrochemicals are used both as a preservative and an agent to increase manageability when spreading a product. In addition, they can add fragrance to a product. However, they are also known to cause dry, flaky skin and clogged pores.

mineral oil free


Like aluminum and petrochemicals, mineral oil is a comedogenic substance that plugs pores, which traps dirt and oil in the skin. Without being able to keep the space clean and open, mineral oil cause blackheads and other acne. It also provides the perfect environment for yeast and fungus to manifest.

sulfate free

Sulfates are salts with the lathering capability in shampoos and other household products that helps make us feel clean. Sulfate molecules attach to both dirt and oil. This saves hair from feeling and looking greasy. However, sulfates are too good at cleaning and strip natural and necessary oils from your hair and skin as well. In fact, sulfates are so strong they are even used to degrease heavy machinery.

DEA free


DEA stands for Diethanolamine. While it may go undetected as a harmful toxin on its own, DEA has potential to react with other chemicals in a negative way. This leads to the scientific debate over its links to cancers, decreased brain development and even miscarriages.

cruelty free

Cruelty free products ensure that no ingredients were manufactured or developed using animal testing. To engage in more cruelty free shopping, Leaping Bunny Program, advancing science without harming animals, provides an extensive list of cruelty free products and brands.

Natural deodorant is the smart choice.


Overall, using a natural deodorant will significantly reduce your exposure to potentially harmful substances. To keep things on the safe side, choosing a natural deodorant with organic ingredients is the smart choice.

Maintaining awareness of the ingredients in your products is always pertinent to best manage your health and safety.

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