Tips from the Beard Grooming Gods

Tips from the Beard Grooming Gods

"With great beard comes great responsibility." So fellas, that means no slacking off when it comes to maintaining your mane. Proper beard grooming is necessary to get the most out of your facial hair and to achieve the most attractive styles. In addition, a little beard TLC also promotes healthier habits, so you're getting benefits all around.

However, beard grooming and proper care isn't always the easiest to do if you don't know where to start. Don't sweat it, we've got you covered.

Here at Zeus Beard, we compiled a list of tips and tricks to answer all your beard grooming questions and needs. Read on until the end to learn about the rules for our weekly No Shave November sweepstakes and how you can #GrowWithZeus for a chance to win some beard grooming essentials.

Step one of beard grooming is beard care and maintenance.

When it comes to the basics of beard grooming, it's imperative to invest in a quality beard shampoo and conditioner. Using a bar of soap or drugstore brands with heavy chemicals will quickly dry out your facial hair and leave it weak and brittle.

Shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for beard grooming contain a gentler formula that treats your beard with the respect it deserves.

Zeus Beard Shampoo ($18/8 fl oz) takes advantage of these softer ingredients like green tea and chamomile. The green tea helps eliminate toxins from the skin, treat acne and stimulates hair growth. Meanwhile, the chamomile fights off bacteria and reduces stress. In addition, ingredients like aloe, vitamin E and vitamin B5 work to add moisture back into your beard.

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However, to give your beard all the moisture it needs, you shouldn't stop with just shampoo. Also try adding a softening conditioner to your routine.

Zeus Beard Conditioner ($18/8 fl oz) helps to reduce beard itch and tangles, making your beard softer and more manageable. Eliminating harmful chemicals, Zeus Beard shampoos and conditioners are free of minerals and parabens and are vegan-friendly.

PRO TIP: Beard oil is your new best friend. Using a product like Zeus Beard Oil ($25/1 fl oz) will help balance out added moisture and restore your beard and skin. Among Argan and Grape Seed oils, Zeus Beard Oil uses Organic Safflower Seed, which is great for hair and skin. It strengthens hair follicles, delivering shinier hair, while reducing pores and blackheads in the skin underneath.

Beard tips how to grow it faster without supplements

Care and maintenance products are great to keep your beard growing strong and healthy. But what if you're growing a beard for the first time? We have some pre beard grooming tips to help turn your stubble into that glorious bushiness faster.

It's important to remember, not all beards are created equal. For some men, Hagrid beards come naturally and seem to pop up overnight. However, this just isn't the reality for everyone.

Don't give up if your beard is coming in patchy or not growing in as fast as you'd like, there's still hope!

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Luckily, it's not all about genetics when it comes to the speed of your beard growth and you don't need a magic beard pill either. Step your beard game up with these natural methods.

1. Add more foods to your diet that are high in vitamins A, E, B3 and B5.

This includes foods like eggs, meats, cheese, nuts and beans, broccoli and carrots, watermelon, leafy vegetables and avocados. These additions will promote more hydrated skin and better circulation for hair growth.

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2. Hit the gym hard.

Those vitamins are only useful when your blood can transport them to your skin and hair. Therefore, proper circulation is crucial. So, throw on your running shoes and hit the weight room because exercise is one of the best ways to increase circulation and will definitely improve your beard grooming.

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3. Kick back, relax and crack open a cold one with the boys.

De-stressing is also important for hair growth. Stress isn't only damaging to your mental health, it also slows down your immune system and harms you physically. It's important to set time for yourself to kick back and relax so your hair can grow in peace.

However, while a nice cold beer is a fun way to unwind, don't over do it. Drinking too much alcohol also leads to dehydration which is negative for hair growth. Moderation is key for the mindful man.

Beard grooming styles for every man

No matter what style of beard you're rockin' or aspiring to have, Zeus Beard has some useful tips and tricks to help you achieve your perfect look.

When it comes to beard grooming, beard oil and beard balm are the two essential products you should be reaching for. Depending on the length of your beard and the style you're going for, here are our suggestions on which product to make your go-to.

Just the stubble

If your job requires a beard grooming look on the more clean cut side, just showcasing your stubble can be the ideal option. This look may also be indicative of a man who is new on the path to manufacturing his facial mane.

Whatever the case, both men will agree that beard stubble can get pretty itchy. For this one, we recommend reaching for the Zeus Beard Oil ($25/1 fl oz). In addition to balancing moisture, beard oil is ideal for battling uncomfortable itchiness.

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Full but tailored

The tailored full beard is the happy medium between stubble and turning into one of the Robertson's from Duck Dynasty. It says to the world that you are a man ready to handle his business.

Being in the middle also gives you the most options. Combining beard oil with beard balm will keep your beard looking shiny and natural while maintaining frizz and structuring it into a styled shape. Zeus Beard Balm ($22/2 oz) is a water based product that offers the light hold you need to achieve the best groomed styles.

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Total lumberjack

For some men, beard dedication has no bounds. For those rocking the beautiful, bushy lumberjack look, Zeus Beard Balm ($22/2 oz) will keep your long hairs looking glorious without all the frizz.

The wax in the beard balm will easily tame the wild strands, while adding in moisture to keep your facial hair healthy. There is also an unscented option for the outdoors men who wish to keep their smells as natural as their hair growth.

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