Here Are the 5 Types of Beards You Should Rock This Summer

Here Are the 5 Types of Beards You Should Rock This Summer

The official start of summer is a couple weeks away so it's time to start thinking about how you can change up your look for the new season. For men, one of the easiest ways to transform your face and try out a new style is to change up your beard. With hundreds of types of beards, the decision is not always easy. However, when it comes to the hottest month, you have to take factors like the weather and increased activity into consideration. The goal is to stay stylish but also comfortable.

Overall, these factors help your decision a little bit, but here at Zeus Beard, we took it one step further and narrowed it down to our top five beard picks for summer. While all very different, these five types of beards offer something for every man and summer activity.



Channel your inner-Poseidon by diving into the pool or hitting the waves with an imperial beard this summer. The beads of water will be sure to glisten against your marvelous mane.

Why the look works for summer: The imperial beard offers a suitable choice for summer because it provides the effect of a full beard without requiring too much length. Moreover, the shorter style will keep your face a little cooler. On the flip side, the connected mustache and beard offers a barrier to avoid teeth chattering in chilly waters.

How to get this look: Achieving fullness in your beard starts with the right diet and exercise. Add some extra cardio and weights to your routine. For more nutritious food options, check out: "HOW TO GROW MORE FACIAL HAIR, PART 1: FUELING FROM THE INSIDE OUT"



Whether you're testing your marksmanship at the gun range this summer or just flexing your own guns on the beach somewhere, a short beard style is convenient for any outdoor activity.

Why the look works for summer: Let's face it, the sweltering feeling of your face melting off in the middle of July is not the best feeling in the world. Trading your traditional long style for a short beard tailored to your face will definitely keep you cooler. In addition, less beard means less hair to collect sweat and unpleasant smells while you have fun in the sun.

How to get this look: To maintain a shorter style, it is important to invest in the proper trimming tools. Since this beard does not rely on its impressive size, grooming maintenance is important to keep it looking fresh and sharp. Try the Zeus Stainless Steel Scissors to get the most precise cuts.



When it comes to unique types of beards, the musketeer style makes sure not to take itself too seriously. This look definitely calls for you to take a break from the heat with a cold beer at your local bar.

Why the look works for summer: Summertime is the time for fun. Whether you are retired, still in school or have a more lax work schedule over the summer, the season change presents the perfect opportunity to try more daring styles with your beard.

How to get this look: The musketeer beard relies on your styling execution. To get the perfect twist on the ends of your mustache or beard, you're going to need the right wax. Zeus Beard Balm uses beeswax and candelilla wax to easily hold stubborn bristles in their intended style.


Even though the temperatures may be hitting the triple digits, the heat shouldn't force you to ditch your beard. It might just come in handy when you ride through the desert this summer.

Why the look works for summer: Trying new types of beards is not just about offering a new aesthetic. They also offer protection for your face. The full style is perfect for the bearded guy who enjoys riding a motorcycle or dirt biking in the desert over summer. Dirt and debris flying up from the badass jumps or turns your hitting will be no match for your badass beard.

How to get this look: More mane means more maintenance. If you're dedicated to having a big bushy beard you need to be dedicated to taking care of it too. The smartest decision is to invest in a beard kit that will provide the various products you need to keep your hair clean, moisturized and healthy.



Sometimes the best beard for summer is the one that is barely noticeable at all. After all, freeing up your chin from its usual hair will give you a chance to even out your tan.

Why the look works for summer: Summer is full of exciting plans and trips. This means that you may just not have the time it takes for detailed beard upkeep, and that's okay. Shaving your beard is always a good summertime option. However, just because you're deciding to give your face a break does not mean that you should also take a break when it comes to general maintenance.

How to get this look: Since the shaved look is the easiest to achieve, it's best to focus on adding moisture back to your face. With less hair to hold in helpful natural oils and protect against environmental irritants, your skin becomes more prone to dryness and damage. Zeus Beard Oil works well to seal in moisture and soothe irritated skin and itchy stubble in one easy step.


Now that you have more ideas, it's time to finalize your summer plans and test out which types of beards work best for you!

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