Which Hair Product is Right For You?

Which Hair Product is Right For You?


If you got it, chances are you’ve used a styling product once in your life. Maybe even wandered down the aisle marked “hair care” before at your local convenience store. Sound familiar? We’ve heard it time and time again that guys feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hair styling products offered to them. It’s generally easy to tell the difference between hair spray and hair gel, but what about all products that come in little tubs? Waxes, Creams, Pomades, Clays etc. If you’ve ever wondered which one of these is best for you, never fear. The team at Zeus Beard has you covered. Keep on reading to find out the difference between these hair products and which ones work best for your hair type.

Cream Pomade

The softer relative of the traditional pomade, the cream pomade typically has a lower hold and lower shine. It is generally more hydrating and contains moisturizing ingredients. It's easier to spread and provides effortless definition to hair. Hair cream is perfect if you want your hair to be soft and touchable, while taming flyaways. It does not have the stiffness and typical stickiness that waxes or gels have. Think of hair cream as more of a conditioning lotion that gets rid of frizziness and fluff. It is ideal for thick coarse or curly hair if you want to tame it while having a natural style and light hold, great for tousled curly locks. If this sounds right up your alley, check out a product like Zeus Cream Pomade for all day definition with touchable pliability.


Water Based Pomade

Traditional pomades are typically used to style your hair in a sleek style and work really well with neatly combed hair. They don’t harden up or dry like hair gels, have medium hold, are high shine and are typically malleable throughout the day. Older pomades may be made be oil-based, and made with grease or petroleum. It may be more difficult to wash out and can feel heavy. Newer pomades are formulated with water. Water based pomades like Zeus Original Hold Pomade, delivers a similar hold, but are much easier to wash out with water and don’t clog pores. If you are looking for an even stronger hold, try Zeus Firm Hold Pomade, which is water based as well, Water based pomades can be reactivated and restyled throughout the day without feeling greasy or oily. They’re ideal for all hair types, but work fairly well with thicker or curlier hair. Water based pomades are for you if you want a slick, defined, combed hair style.

Clay Pomades

These type of pomades are typically tackier than their counterparts and have a higher hold. The texture is drier and feels thicker than other products, but doesn’t have the typical greasy feeling of other pomades. Clays are ideal for fine or straight hair as they add volume without weighing the strands down. It has a matte texture that is great for “fluffing” up hair and giving it a little life. A styling product, like Zeus Clay Pomade- is water based to wash out easier at the end of the day. Rubbing a small amount in between fingers and applying it to your hair can deliver long lasting, pliable all day hold.

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