Why Men Should Use Natural Deodorant Spray

Why Men Should Use Natural Deodorant Spray

Wondering what all the hype surrounding natural deodorant is all about? Let’s breakdown why some people are switching to more natural formulas for their pits. 

No Aluminum Based Compounds

    You may notice that many natural deodorants tote themselves as “Aluminum Free”. Aluminum is typically used within antiperspirants to block the sweat ducts and reduce overall perspiration. If you the thought of clogging your pores isn’t pleasant to you, consider going aluminum free. Also, if you struggle with skin issue like rashes and inflammation, you may feel relief from switching to aluminum free formulas.


    Gentler Ingredients

      In addition to containing no aluminum, natural deodorants contain a much more simple list of ingredients. As aforementioned, if you suffer from sensitive skin, a natural deodorant may be a better choice for you. Keeping your grooming products simple may assist in preventing any adverse reactions to harsher chemicals

      No More Yellow Pit Stains

        If you’ve ever owned a white shirt, then you’ve dealt with the annoyance that is yellow pit stains. Many people assume that these stains are from the sweat itself, but in actuality it is not. The discoloration happens when sweat mixes with aluminum and other chemical compounds in antiperspirant. Choosing a natural deodorant will have you waving farewell to those unappealing pit stains.

        If natural deodorant is for you, check out Zeus Natural Deodorant Spray, available in Sandalwood, Vanilla Run and Verbena Lime. Housed in a convenient manual spray bottle, this deodorant is formulated with essential oils that provide lasting freshness without drying out the skin.

        Aluminum Free | Paraben Free | Mineral Oil Free | Petrochemical Free | Sulfate Free | DEA Free | Cruelty Free


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