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Zeus Traditional, Handcrafted Beard-Afro Pick, 5.25" - AH11

Zeus Traditional, Handcrafted Beard-Afro Pick, 5.25" - AH11


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  • Ideal for detangling curly or thick beards
  • Pure plant cellulose acetate material minimizes static build up
  • Provides a smooth glide with minimal tugging
  • Rounded teeth is gentle on skin
  • Full Length: 5.25" | Teeth: 1.8"

Need a little extra help taming long, wavy, or curly hair? Have no fear, Zeus is here. Our traditional style of Beard and Hair Pick is ready to handle the job. Handcrafted from plant based cellulose acetate, this grooming tool is naturally anti-static, protecting from frizz and breakage. Its wide set, 1.8" teeth are ideal for untangling without pulling. To top it off, an extended handle allows for a comfortable, solid grip.
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