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Hair Type: Mustache


Mustache Care Routine:

There’s more maintenance than you think for that small, stylish ‘stache. An untamed mustache can be problematic. Wayward whiskers can poke every-which-way including your mouth and your food. Make sure to upkeep with a daily routine to achieve that godly ‘stache with the right products and tools.

1. Cleanse and Condition - Zeus Shampoo cleanses your beard and/or mustache with a rich lather. Dragon's Blood and Green Tea Extract calms the skin to prevent irritation. Zeus Conditioner comes in with ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 and Avocado Oil to fortify the hair by locking in moisture. Safe and gentle enough to use every day.

2. Moisturize - Add a drop of Zeus Beard Oil onto your fingers and apply to your 'stache, from root to tip. Features an antioxidant blend to moisturize the skin, hydrate hair and reduce itch.

3. Comb - Comb your 'stache with a Zeus Mustache Comb to evenly distribute oils.

4. Tame - Zeus Mustache Wax lightly styles and provides a natural shine. Provides a thin protective layer over skin and hair to protect against the elements.

5. Sculpt - If you're looking to transform your 'stache, use Zeus Styling Mustache Wax instead of the Zeus Mustache Wax to create perfect twists and handle bars.

Mustache Care Tips:

  • Trim - Keep it tidy and looking its best by trimming regularly. Don't skimp out on a nice pair of grooming scissors.
  • Nourish - Apply a bit of beard oil to your 'stache and skin to prevent flaking and strengthen hair. Use a comb for even distribution.
  • Style - Using a mustache wax provides the power to style. It can get unruly if not tamed.