MAP Agreement

Effective 12/13/14 Newport Apothecary, Inc. has adopted a Minimum Advertised Price policy. This policy is applicable to all authorized dealers and resellers of the Newport Apothecary, Inc. products. This MAP policy shall include all retail media, including print advertising (inserts, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, etc.), faxes, radio announcements, direct mailings, television ads, advertising on the internet, including but not limited to resellers websites as well as third party websites and domains, banner ads, and broadcast emails. Newport Apothecary, Inc. is forced to adopt this MAP policy in order to preserve the integrity of our product and promote a fair business environment for all of our Authorized sellers. This policy is entered into voluntarily by all legitimate dealers and resellers and allows us to best serve you with a quality product at the best price possible. Resellers who do not abide by this agreement may lose access to the products and services offered.

All Authorized sellers are prohibited from selling Newport Apothecary, Inc. products on other marketplaces, including but not limited to eBay and Amazon. All Authorized sellers advertising the products are subject to this policy. This MAP policy will be incorporated into and supersede all agreements and contracts currently in place. Any use of Newport Apothecary, Inc. trade mark or sale of the products implies consent to be bound to this MAP policy. Authorized sellers must promptly correct any violations of the MAP pricing within 24 hours or Newport Apothecary, Inc. reserves the right to stop further sales.

All matters of interpretation and application of the terms of this Policy shall remain the sole discretion of Newport Apothecary, Inc.

Newport Apothecary, Inc. reserves the right to change the prices or terms of this agreement at any time. This MAP policy will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, excluding its conflict of law rules.

Authorized dealers and resellers should be in compliance by 12/13/14.

The current minimum retail price for our products are listed on our order form.