Reward Points

Reward Points

How do Zeus Reward Points work?
For every dollar spent, you earn 4 reward points. On your next order, your accumulated reward points are converted to dollars that can be redeemed at checkout. (Note: Shipping charges do not earn reward points.)
$1 you spend = 4 reward points; 50 reward points used = $1 off your order (can use more than 50 points).

How do I get Zeus Reward Points?
Sign in or create an account with Zeus. Reward Points will be assigned to your account when you place an order. You must be logged in at all times to earn and redeem Reward Points.

How do I redeem the Reward Points?
1. Log into your account and while you are on the home page, click on the "Rewards" button in the bottom right corner.
2. Click "Ways to redeem" and choose how much you want to redeem. 
3. After clicking "Redeem," a discount code will be generated for you.
4. Click "Apply Code" and the discount will be deducted from your cart.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Do the Reward Points ever expire? They never expire. They will last until the day you spend it.
  • Can I use my rewards points and Promo/Coupon Code/Gift Card? Yes! But you cannot use two different reward point codes. 

  • Terms of Use
  • Reward Points have no monetary value. They cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • You must log in to your account and make your purchase online to earn Reward Points.
  • Reward Points cannot be applied to past orders.
  • Reward Points cannot be transferred between accounts.
  • Reward Points are earned on the sub-total of your order.
  • If you are redeeming Reward Points on an order, the remainder of the order which is paid via Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Checkout is eligible to continue earning Reward Points.
  • We may alter this policy or terminate the Reward Points program at our discretion without notice. If this happens, current points can still be redeemed, but no new points will be earned.
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