How to Soften A Scratchy Beard

If you ask us, there’s nothing better than a fully grown beard. The only thing that might be better is a beard that is fully grown and soft. It’s guaranteed that your significant other and anyone else who comes in contact with your face will appreciate how silky your beard is instead of the prickly broom it used to be. 

A softer beard is not only more comfortable for you and for others around you, it is also indicative of your beard's health. When your beard is coarse and feels like scratchy pokey needles on your face, it’s likely that it is malnourished and dehydrated. 

The number one reason people shave off their beards is because of how uncomfortable the growth is. You put so much time in growing this masterpiece, it would be a shame if you shaved it off just because things got rough. If you’re struggling with an itchy dry beard, we will walk you through how to soften it and get the facial hair of your dreams. Like everything else, a thing of beauty takes time. Put the effort into beard and it will pay in surprising ways.

We put together all the top tips you need, all in one convenient spot so you can get all the answers you need.

The Causes of a Scratchy Beard

What habits did we partake in that attributes to a scratchy beard? There are many answers to this question, but the main culprits are poor hygiene practices and environmental factors. Over time, this can change your follicular structure and actually make your beard more coarse.

Using the Wrong Products

It is true that the best way to grow a beard is to just leave it alone to do its thing. However, what do you do when it finally gets here and ends up being as coarse as sandpaper? Using cleansers, shampoos and other products intended for other parts of your body is not the way to go. Many of these products contain ingredients such as alcohol that can dry out your beard and skin, causing dandruff and scratchy hair.

Steps to Soften a Scratchy Beard

After figuring out what is causing your rough beard, the next step is to find out the best way to soften them. Utilize these following tips to upkeep the silkiest beard of your dreams.

1. Keep a consistent beard washing routine

If you don’t already have a day to day face and beard washing routine, now is the time to start! Do not use cleansers and washes designed for other parts of your body as his can actually dry out your beard and make it worse. When making a beard care routine, be sure to actually use a specially designed beard shampoo and conditioner, like the Zeus Beard Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are designed to not strip the natural oils from your follicles that help your hair maintain its softness. Be sure to follow up with a beard conditioner for extra hydration.

One main reason for why a beard gets itchy is because of dandruff. If you are struggling with dandruff or “beard-ruff” than the first step is to use a facial cleanser. A high quality facial cleanser will rid your skin of buildup. Use one like this Daily Face Wash with Charcoal to ensure your skin is cleansed thoroughly.

2. Use A Beard Oil and Balm

Even with using a specifically formulated beard shampoo and conditioner, it’s vital to moisturize your hair with nourishing products after cleansing. This is when you need to use a high quality beard oil to keep things silky smooth. Rubbing a high quality beard oil such as Zeus Natural Beard Oil will help ensure that your facial hair will stay hydrated. If you’re looking for something different, another option would be to use a beard balm. A beard balm containing ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, beeswax and shea butter has moisturizing properties in addition to coating the hair and protecting them from environmental factors.

3. Regularly Trim Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face requires maintenance to feel good. We’ve heard hairstylist complain about split ends are the hallmark of dry and brittle hair, and now it’s time to apply the same theory to beards. Trimming off split ends from your beard will make it feel softer and will overall make it look better. You can do this at home by grabbing a comb and running it through the length of your beard. From there you can grab a pair of beard scissors and snip away any frazzled looking ends. If you do this regularly, its likely your scratchy beard problems will no longer be an issue.