How to Tame a Curly Beard

Curly Beards are awesome, they just need a little TLC to keep it them to keep it them that way. Keep on reading to find out how to tame your mane and live like the curly bearded god you were meant to be.

Use Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

It all starts at the beginning with washing and conditioning your beard. It’s super important to do this as the elasticity of the hair extends as it gets moist, making it easier to manually style it. Using a high quality beard shampoo and conditioner keeps your beard clean while not stripping away natural oils to keep it hydrated. A hydrated beard, is a minimally frizzy beard.

Use a beard oil & beard comb or brush

While your beard is still damp from your shower, gently towel dry your beard with a towel and then grab your favorite beard oil and beard comb. Apply a few drops of beard oil into your hand and massage it into your beard. Use your beard comb to detangle your beard and distribute the oil evenly. Always combing in a downward motion. If your hair is thicker, it’s important to use a wide toothcomb, preferable made of a sturdier element like sandalwood.

If your beard is shorter, we recommend using a beard brush. Using a boar bristle brush will train your hair to grow in the same direction. It loosens beard curls and untangles knots for an even appearance, Because of how densely packed the bristles are, this brush can penetrate the deepest part of your beard and help tame stray hairs.

Use a Blowdryer

If you’re serious about getting that beard tames than your best bet is using a blowdryer or styling tool.

Mix beard oil and mustache wax together to form a light hold paste. For an even stronger hold, mix beard oil with our Mega Hold wax. Work through beard with your fingers.

Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer for even drying.

Set the speed on low and heat on medium.

Begin drying your hair by placing the blow dryer under your beard, then pointing it upward. Comb through and blow dry up and out. This untangles knots while boosting volume. Turn up the heat for extra straightening.

Now point your diffuser downwards while brushing downwards with your fingers.

To reduce rouge ringlets, go over your entire beard with the heat setting on cool.

Use a Beard Balm and Brush It Down

To make results last longer there is one last thing you can do, apply a pea sized amount of beard balm to your beard and use a beard brush to continue brushing your beard in a downward motion. This will seal all the hard work you put into taming your beard and ensure your style will last all day.

Get Your Beard Trimmed Regularly,

Keeping your beard trimmed is quite possible the best way to tame your curly man. It will defray split ends that could make your curly beard look even more out of control and define it’s shape so it’s easier to maintain.