Zeus Mustache Styling Wax, Mega Hold

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  • $18.00
Water Based
Water Based
Extra Firm Hold
Extra Firm Hold
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
  • Firm hold for all mustache styles, all day wear
  • Medium consistency for no-fuss application
  • Water-based formula for easy rinse-outs
  • Goes on clear
  • Contents: 10 ml | 0.34 fl oz
  • Tired of reapplying your droopy mustache throughout the day? Zeus Mustache Styling Wax features a superior formula that maintains the shape of your 'stache all day. It sculpts tough, unruly hairs into a godly 'stache. Formulated to transform facial hair with a mega strong hold, it offers the flexibility to create perfect twists and handle bars. The consistency is best described as a cross between a paste and a gel. Goes on clear and holds all day. Its water-based formula allows for easy rinse-outs. Made in Germany.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Great hold and easy to apply

    Love this stuff but the scent is too strong and if you find your self tweaking your mustache after it dries it can leave white flakes that look exactly like dandruff on your shirt. I'm sure there are many who would love an unscented version!

    william marnhout
    Pleased with recommendation

    Excellent material, could be better if it has a mild scent

    Montie H.
    This mustache wax is awesome!

    I have tried several waxes for my handlebar mustache. This is by far the best! A small dab of this wax lasts all day and then washes out easily as well. I will be buying more of this product!

    Brendon Birnie
    Good Stuff

    I use it in my beard to tame the wild whiskers. Smells very good imho.

    Aris P.
    Excellent product

    It';s taken me only a few applications to learn how much is required, and the answer is : not much at all! A little goes a long way, and this stuff has a killer hold while still washing out easily