Phil may have seen a shadow, but even if winter lasts a few more weeks, spring is within reach. That means the end of harsh winds, bleak skies, and frigid temperatures that battered your beard. With more sunshine and humidity in the air, it’s time to follow suit with nature and do some spring cleaning.

The following six tips will get your beard looking and feeling sharp for spring.


Coming out of winter, your skin is likely to be on the drier, flakier side due to the lack of humidity and icy temperatures. This means lots of dead skin on your face that can then migrate to your beard to become beard dandruff. Eliminate this dead skin – while revealing a handsome, fresh complexion - by using a dedicated exfoliating face scrub, making sure to get the beard and the skin underneath.

Face Scrubs contain physical and chemical exfoliators to smooth skin while encouraging production of new skin cells. Use as directed along with your normal face cleanser to keep skin flake-free. While you’re at it, take cooler showers so you don’t remove your skin’s natural oils and contribute to more dry skin and flakes.

Remember to deodorize

Spring’s warmer temperatures mean more sebum production. More sebum production can lead to an oil slick on your skin and funky beard odors. Combat this by cleaning your beard once or twice a day with a beard shampoo. Look for one free of sulfates (foaming agents that dry out your beard).

Our Zeus Beard Shampoo is sulfate free, paraben free, and mineral oil free for a safe, non-drying way to remove odors and other things that find their way into your beard.

All of our beard shampoos are lightly fragranced to make your beard smell fresh.

Don’t skip conditioner

While it’s important to clean your beard, you can’t just leave it at that, thinking your natural oils will make up for an additional moisturizer. Follow with a beard conditioner like the Zeus Beard Conditioner for the following reasons:

    • Relieves beard itch with Pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera, and green tea to soften skin while keeping it resilient

    • Keeps facial hair soft and moisturized, preventing beard dandruff

    • Combats flaky skin

Use beard oil and balm less frequently

Beard oil and balm finish what beard conditioner started: adding moisture back into the skin. But because spring brings more humidity, you can cut back on how much beard oil you use. Start with 2 – 3 drops, then add more only as necessary.

Finish with beard balm only if you need the extra hydration (for instance, if your skin and beard tend to be on the dryer, coarser side). It’s also recommended if you have flyaways or thick, curly hair that needs definition.

Note: The amount of beard oil and beard balm you use also varies depending on activity level, climate, and genetics.

Brush and comb regularly

“How can I make my beard grow faster/thicker?” is probably the most frequent question we get asked. The answer is there is no magic pill or serum you can apply to your face to make your beard grow thicker or faster. But you can help your body along with its natural beard-growing process by doing a combination of 3 things: eating well and exercising, doing facial massage, and taking good care of your facial hair.

Brushing and combing your beard falls into that last category. When you brush and comb your beard, you’re stimulating your scalp’s circulation, bringing forth nutrients to skin and beard to foster healthy beard growth. It also distributes oils evenly through your beard, so your beard looks shiny rather than greasy (especially important during the spring as you produce more oil).

Try lighter scents

Did you know that during the winter your sense of smell is muted? Scent molecules also don’t spread as easily through the air in cold, dry conditions, so it’s harder for you to notice a fragrance from a cologne. This is one of the reasons we gravitate towards heavier, richer scents during the colder months.

As spring arrives, our sense of smell returns in full force, so it makes sense to switch to lighter scents that don’t assault our noses. This goes for colognes as well as our beard oils. If our Sandalwood Beard Oil was your standby these past few months, try something zestier like Verbena Lime, or something sweet and creamy, like Vanilla Rum.

If you’re undecided about scent, try our Beard Oil Coffret to see which one you like!
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