60 Seconds With An Ambassador: How To Use Beard Oil by Anthony Adams (GucciRun)

60 Seconds With An Ambassador: How To Use Beard Oil by Anthony Adams (GucciRun)


Zeus Ambassador Anthony Adams didn’t roll out of bed with his beard looking like a million bucks. Something that pristine takes time and effort to look good, and the product that keeps his facial hair on point is his use of Zeus Beard Oil.

Proper beard maintenance involves moisturizing to keep the hair healthy and soft. Our beard oil is full of natural ingredients, and when applied will lock in natural moisture and keep your hair hydrated.

It also reduces skin irritation and is formulated to hydrate hair and skin underneath to prevent discomfort and “beardruff.” 

“You don’t need to apply the beard oil every day,” Adams said. “I suggest every other day and adjust as needed. If you live in a dry climate or you have a longer beard, you may need to apply more often.”

Aside from maintaining healthy follicles, using beard oil makes your beard smell great and just feels good.

“Believe me, I’ve received many compliments about the way my beard smells,” Adams said. “Adding Zeus Beard Oil is a great way to maintain your magnetic charm and attract people to you.”

Although there are other products out there, Adams said he sticks with Zeus because of its quality and the variety of unique scents — Eucalyptus, Verbena Lime, Sandalwood and Vanilla Rum, just to name a few.

How to use Zeus Beard Oil

Zeus Beard Oil Use

Using beard oil is less daunting than you would think. With a global pandemic still affecting our daily lives, Adams said the first and obvious step is to wash your hands.

“Especially in today’s climate, cleanliness is next to godliness,” he said. “Let’s keep yourself safe out there.”

While it isn’t necessary to wash your beard before using beard oil, Adams likes to use Zeus' hair shampoo and conditioner to create a clean, blank slate.

If you showered the night before, you can apply the beard oil the next morning. You can also use it after a warm shower or bath.

“It helps the beard receive the oil better, and makes it a lot more manageable for curly beards,” he said.

Adams added that you should check out Zeus Beard Steam Mist if you’re looking to bring that barbershop experience home. Just spray once into a hot towel and put it on your face, then remove the towel after it cools down to begin your routine.

After your beard is prepped, add a few drops of the beard oil into your hands and massage it into your entire beard. To ensure the oil is evenly distributed, you can use a beard brush or comb.

Adams’ preferred method is to apply drops of beard oil directly to his beard and work it in with a Zeus Beard-Afro Pick.

“The beard oil is going to hold moisture throughout the whole day,” Adams said. “It’s as simple as that.”

We also offer a Refined Beard Oil, a thicker product that quickly absorbs into your beard for those that want to look fresh and smell great throughout the day.

And for those that want to tame stray hairs or to train their beard to grow in the correct direction, there’s Zeus Beard Balm, which helps moisturize as well as keep your beard in check.

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