Bad Beard Habits: Here Are 7 Things NOT to Do With Your Beard

Bad Beard Habits: Here Are 7 Things NOT to Do With Your Beard

No one wants to be dubbed the guy with the bad beard. Let's face it, patchiness, bad styles, or improper grooming habits can all earn you the title. Whether partying too hard or not hitting the shower enough is the cause of your dirty, scraggly mess, there are softening and growth-stimulating solutions.

Here at Zeus Beard, we don't want you to keep walking around with the label of the bro with the bad beard. We're here to help, so below we compiled a list of seven bad beard habits you should avoid to get your facial hair back to its intended glory.

7. Don't party too hard.


We get it, hitting the bars with your best friends makes for a great time. However, knocking back too many Jack and Coke's or schooners of beer leads to more damage than a gnarly hangover.

When it comes to your facial hair, too much partying equals a bad beard. Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration, which is obstructive to hair growth. In addition, excessive alcohol use also leads to a decrease in zinc levels, stripping the hair of its pertinent nutrients.

Have fun every once in awhile, but don't make constant drinking your routine if you want a presentable beard in the future. Your boss will thank us too.

6. Don't skip the gym.


Exercise is essential not only to promote your physical health but also to fight off stress. When you work out, your body's serotonin levels increase. This hormone is known for being the brain's happiness controller. Furthermore, the added serotonin helps fight off the negative cortisone hormone stress causes.

So, how does this fit into growing a beard? When you are less stressed and more physically active, the body is more at ease and capable of inducing proper hair growth.

Likewise, implementing a healthy diet encourages shinier and stronger strands. Foods to consider adding to your diet to better your beard include products like eggs, avocados, nuts and raisins. Also on the list is potatoes, so start eating some instead of acting like one of the couch variety.

5. Don't forget to shower.


Don't take your fashion tips from Frank on Netflix's "Shameless." A shower is necessary to keep your beard looking fresh. And no, that doesn't mean reaching for some drugstore 10 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, car degreaser, wood polish nonsense product.

Treat your beard with respect. This means picking up a gentle shampoo to cleanse your facial tresses and a softening conditioner to restore their moisture. To really pack in the lasting softness and shine, work in a few drops of beard oil after your shower.

4. Don't become a scraggly mess.


Styling doesn't have to be an hour-long process. However, rolling out of bed and hitting the town is just not going to cut it. You definitely aren't achieving an effortless look, instead you're being left with a bad beard.

What is the point of having a beard if you are walking around with a tangled clump on your face all day? No one wants to be the guy who people passing by assume probably has a face that smells a little funky.

There are two key lessons here. First, trimming is something you should get used to and keep up with. Tidy up loose ends and reduce as much scraggliness as possible. Second, invest in a beard balm or wax to mold longer or fuller beards into an acceptable shape. Tame that mane!

3. Don't leave food crumbs behind.


This should pretty much go without saying, but come on guys, after dinner wipe those crumbs away! No woman will want to come within 10 feet of you if she can see bits of your entree tangled in your tresses.

While it may be tempting to save part of your meal for later, fight the urge. Your beard will thank us later when it isn't drying out from bits of your leftover cornbread or hot sauce.

2. Don't get overwhelmed by your beard style.


It's important to pick a style that suits your face and personality. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who can grow a full, glorious beard, that doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you.

When it comes to cutting and styling, stick to what feels right for you. Don't let friends, family or celebrities influence your decision too much. Indicators that are reliable when deciding what will look best include assessing your face shape, hair color, comfortability and boldness and job requirements.

Sometimes, less is more. Going with a clean, classic style is definitely a better look than trying to morph your beard or mustache into a style that doesn't fit your personal fashion choices or mannerisms.

1. Don't be afraid to embrace a new style either.


However, our last tip should not discourage you from taking chances. If you are on the outgoing side and like to take risks with your fashion, then by all means use that beard to your advantage. After all, a big beard does not have to mean a bad beard.

We're all for the long, bushy and even whacky beards. Take a tip from the Los Angeles Dodgers player above, sometimes it's just time to pull out all the stops and go for the biggest and boldest style you can achieve.

You might need a whole beard kit to achieve this look, but once you get to this level of beard glory, it all seems pretty worth it.
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