Beard Grooming Kits: 5 Reasons to Invest in the Whole Package

Beard Grooming Kits: 5 Reasons to Invest in the Whole Package

When you are shopping around for products to make your beard and mustache look the best they can, it may be overwhelming and difficult to decide which products to buy first. However, the real decision you should be making is which beard grooming kits to invest in. In fact, purchasing multiple products in a set is beneficial for many reasons.

To show you why choosing beard grooming kits over individual products is the best way to go, here at Zeus Beard, we compiled the top five reasons we totally support beard grooming kits.

1. The products work in conjunction.

When caring for your beard, it is important to use the products how they are intended. Zeus products have a leg up on drugstore products because the ingredients don't cause the same dryness and breakage.

However, it is still important to understand what the products are supposed to do. For example, the Zeus Beard Shampoo is great for cleaning your hair without stripping away essential natural oils. While it effectively helps reduce acne and skin irritation, the intended purpose isn't necessarily to moisturize.

That's where conditioner comes in. The combination of vitamins and oils helps to protect and smooth bristly textures. When used in conjunction with the shampoo, your hair will be left both clean and shiny and much softer.

Like Batman and Robin, one without the other just seems incomplete and not as effective.

When it comes to beard grooming kits, try: the Zeus Beard shampoo and conditioner set ($34)


2. It saves you money in the long run.

We totally understand that everyone has bills and responsibilities, so dropping almost $200 on beard products may seem like an excessive purchase. However, don't fret, investing in the products actually helps you save money in the long run because instead of purchasing everything individually, you'll have a full collection all at once.

For instance, the Zeus Ultimate Beard Styling and Body Care Kit includes:

  • Beard Shampoo ($18)
  • Beard Conditioner ($18)
  • Zeus Beard Balm ($22)
  • Zeus Refined Oil ($30)
  • Zeus Sandalwood Beard and Mustache Comb in Leather Sheath ($20)
  • Pear Wood Palm Beard Brush ($24)
  • Zeus Body Wash ($18)
  • Zeus Facial Cleanser ($18)
  • Dopp Bag ($20)

The products sold individually total over $188, whereas investing in the beard grooming kits will bring your total to $158.

Considering your future investment now can save you over $30, the money upfront is worth it.

When it comes to beard grooming kits, try: the Zeus Ultimate Beard Styling and Body Care Kit ($158)


3. You can see which products are suggested to use together.

You can have all the best products on the market but if you don't know how to use them, they can be pretty ineffective. When it comes to beard grooming kits, most include the product and the intended brush for use, making your job a whole lot easier.

For example, the small size and rounded tips of the Zeus Mustache Comb is perfect to gently massage mustache wax into your bristles without harming the skin underneath.

When it comes to beard grooming kits, try: Zeus Mustache Wax and Mustache Comb Grooming Set ($22)

Whereas, the boar bristle brush works better to deeply penetrate your beard with oil, helping to soften the hair and add shine.

While products can be applied interchangeably, using the intended tools will provide the best results.

4. It keeps your fragrance simple and uniform.

Even the best beards can be overshadowed by too many competing smells. And, too much of a good thing can sometimes create a bad thing. Do the lucky lady in your life a favor and invest in one of the beard grooming kits. Not only are the products developed to work in conjunction, but they are also created with the same scent per package.

Whether your favorite smell is Verbena Line, Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum or you're the kind of guy who likes no scent at all, there are beard grooming kits that will satisfy both her and your noses.

Staying consistent is key, but we bet you already knew that.

When it comes to beard grooming kits, try: Zeus Deluxe Beard Care Kit ($68)

5. The best results come from putting the best effort into your beard.

Beard grooming kits are essential for the man who wants to look his absolute best. If you build your collection over time, you have less time to use the products all together.

For the best results, put the best into your beard initially. The combination of products and a healthy lifestyle, will bring you the quality you desire, so you have more time to worry about important things like how to style it for date night.

This is also imperative for the men racing their friends to have the best beard on the block as soon as possible. For more tips on how to bolster your beard faster and fuller than your friends, click here.

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