How to Grow a Beard Faster and Fuller Than Your Friends

How to Grow a Beard Faster and Fuller Than Your Friends

We know your style, you're looking to have the burliest beard on the block. And, we can't blame you. A good beard is like a powerful lion's mane, it shows male dominance. While some guys may show off their abs and physique from the gym, a good beard says, "I'm a grown man and I mean business." If you're wondering how to grow a beard faster and fuller than your friends, look no further.

Here at Zeus Beard, we broke down the steps you need to take to answer how to grow a beard that will come in quickly and boldly.

How to grow a beard: faster

Ditch the idea now that your beard is going to grow in over night. We'd all love if it really worked like that, but the truth is, it's going to take more than a day. In reality, it will probably take more than a week too. However, that's not to say that you can't speed up the process a bit.

When considering how to grow a beard faster, the key is proper care for your skin and body. It actually has more to do with caring for the areas around your beard, instead of just solely focusing on the hair.

1. Start with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Hair growth isn't just about what you put on the outside of your body, it all starts with the nutrients you put inside your body. Supplements from the vitamin store, like vitamin B and biotin can help aid hair growth. However, consuming natural foods like more protein, nuts and fruits is also important to the process.

With diet, comes exercise. Instead of just hitting the gym, you can do your growing beard an extra favor by working out outside. The added sunlight will provide you with extra vitamin D, which is good for hair growth, skin repair and helps halt aging.

Finally, pick up a hobby like hiking or yoga that will help you destress. Believe it or not, extra stress makes it more difficult for hair to grow. If you're asking how to grow a beard faster than your friends, the answer is to find your inner zen for the next couple months. In addition, getting extra sleep will help lower stress levels and boost hair growth.

2. Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize.

The next step before building your budding beard hairs is skincare. It is important to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your face to create the most ideal environment for hair growth.

Exfoliating your face will help to scrub off dead skin cells and make way for healthier ones that will inspire hair growth. The small beads in an exfoliator scrub help to deeply penetrate the skin without harming it.

Next, it is important to keep the area clean. Lather up with a beard shampoo and then add back the moisture with a softening conditioner. The Zeus Beard Shampoo and Conditioner set (8 fl oz ea. / $34) will answer all your cleansing needs. The shampoo uses Dragon's Blood and green tea extract to reduce irritation. In conjunction, the conditioner uses pro-vitamin B and avocado oil to lock in moisture.

3. Be smarter than the men following the myths.

Don't listen to the hype. We've all heard the myth that shaving will make your hair grow in thicker and darker. However, if you're looking how to grow a beard, this is counterproductive to your cause. Shaving will just slow down the process.

In reality, shaving only provides the illusion of more hair growth because it exposes the thicker part of the hair follicle.

Fight the urge to pick up the clippers. When growing a beard, most likely you are going to go through an awkward growth stage. Typically, your beard won't grow in evenly to start off. However, dealing with a little patchiness is just a step in the process. Wait it out a little longer because constantly tweaking it with the trimmers will just make the overall process longer.

How to grow a beard: fuller

When it comes to the question of how to grow a beard that is fuller than your friends, the key is to maintain your mane. While your beard is growing in, the hairs won't like to stay in place. But reiterating what we said above, fight the urge to grab the clippers in attempt to even it out.

Instead, the use of beard oils, proper grooming tools and a beard balm will help prompt healthy hair growth and create a fuller appearance.

1. Utilize organic oils.

While there are supplements on the market that use medications to inspire hair growth, you can also build your burly beard with natural substances like organic oils.

Zeus Beard Oil (1 fl oz / $25) uses safflower oil to reduce itchiness and dryness, argan oil to add moisture and shine, vitamin E to increase elasticity and fight flaking and grape seed oil to ward off inflammation and acne. These oils are also free of harmful toxins, GMOs and hormones.

Oils work well to boost hair growth because they deeply penetrate the hair shaft, giving it the moisture it needs to grow. In addition, the result of fighting breakage with oils, causes the beard to look fuller.


2. Invest in a beard comb and boar bristle brush.

When your beard is growing in, part of the reason it may look patchy is because the hair grows in various directions. Instead of leaving areas looking sparse, brushing or combing your beard into the same direction will help create the illusion of fullness even at the beginning of the growth process.

The Zeus Organic Sandalwood Beard Comb ($19) is perfect for combing oils through your beard. It has anti-static properties and emits a light, invigorating fragrance. It also comes with a leather sheath to preserve the comb's longevity.

The Zeus Pear Wood 100 percent Boar Bristle Beard Brush ($24) is the softest cut of the bristle, sourced in Europe. It works well at taming and smoothing your beard. The brush also comes with a drawstring bag to protect your investment.

3. For a bomb beard, use beard balm.

Beard balm is great for keeping your hairs in place and getting them to flow in the same direction. With a waxier consistency than oil, beard balm is better to create a fuller shape when styling. In addition to taming your mane, beard balm also helps train hairs to grow in your desired direction.

The Zeus Beard Balm Conditioner (2 oz / $22) has a water-based formula that is made with natural extracts to moisturize, tame and add shine. The blend of sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera, and hemp seed oil soften the beard while not clogging the skin underneath.

Beard balm can easily be applied with your fingers. After running it through your beard bristles with your hands, a beard comb or boar bristle brush works great to distribute the product evenly.

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