Zeus Palm Beard Brush, 100% Boar Bristle, Soft - G92

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Boar Bristle
Boar Bristle
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
  • 100% soft boar bristles, great for those with sensitive skin or thinner hair
  • Easily penetrates facial hair for taming and smoothing
  • European sourced, natural pear wood handle does not warp
  • Length: 4 1/3" I Width: 1 1/8" I Bristle Height: 7/10"


Pear Wood European sourced Pear Wood is sturdy and warp resistant in moist conditions

Soft Boar Bristle Brush features 100% natural boar bristle in soft, second cut

Short Beard Best for those with shorter beards or thinner growth

Sleek and defined, the Zeus Palm Beard Brush serves as a modern grooming tool designed to fit comfortably in- you guessed it- the palm of your hand. Its rectangular body is crafted from durable, warp resistant pear wood and features grooved sides for a better grip. Seven rows of bristle plugs are outfitted with soft, second cut genuine boar bristles to help you achieve a healthier beard. Each individual bristle is cut at a different length to detangle while smoothing the surface of the beard for a neater look.

We recommend this brush for those with thinner or average hair thickness, or those with shorter beards. This guy is also friendly to those with sensitive skin.

Pair with our Refined Beard Oil for an itch, flake free beard. Need extra taming power? Check out our Beard Balm.

Customer Reviews

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Jake Slater
Soft bristles feel much better on my face than previous brush

I used to use a boar hair brush from a different brand. They didnt offer "soft" or "firm" so I just ordered the only one they had. It was very stiff. For a long time I thought that all 100% boar brushes were stiff, so I dismissed anything softer since I thought it wouldnt be 100% boar hair. Recently I saw this 100% boar AND soft so I decided to try it out. I switch off between clean shaven, stubble, and a short beard. Brushing with my previous boar hair brush was very scratchy and did not feel good. This brush is much softer and is the perfect amount of stiffness to clean off the dead skin on my face without being uncomfortable. It feels great and my face feels a lot cleaner and less itchy. I'm glad I found this.

Yarik O

Each stroke is really soft and pleasant. Can’t stop, won’t stop! My beard loves it! Thank you!

William H.
Palm brush

Awesome product as well.

Michael M.

Excellent brush and the finish is very nice!

Anna B.

My brother likes it. Its small size makes it good for travel