Top 7 Best Beards in Hollywood: How to Achieve the Celebrity Look

Top 7 Best Beards in Hollywood: How to Achieve the Celebrity Look

Whether it's from actors, musicians or athletes, the Hollywood scene offers some of the best beards around. With the celebrity lifestyle comes a celebrity-sized bank account, so it's no wonder these entertaining men have perfected the art of facial hair. With that said, perfecting a beard does not require you to break the bank. Instead it's about being smarter with your purchases and investing in tools and products for your targeted style.

Here at Zeus Beard, we feel that you deserve to know the Hollywood beard secrets. To help you out, we put together a list of celebrities who mastered facial ferocity in their manes and how you can do the same.

Without further delay, in no particular order, here are our choices for the top seven best beards in Hollywood.

7. Chris Pine


Where you've seen him before: Chris Pine starred in movies like the 2017 "Wonder Woman" and  2009 "Star Trek." The actor first popped up in Hollywood in 2003 with a guest role on the television show "ER." In addition, Pine dated "The Hills" alum Audrina Partridge and "X-Men: Apocalypse" actress Olivia Munn.

Why he has one of the best beards in Hollywood: Chris Pine's beard is clean and well-groomed while still preserving a natural look. His classic look is the perfect balance between laid back and professional and pairs great with a sharp suit.

Get the look: To tame all your stray facial hairs and capture Pine's put-together look, try Zeus Beard Balm ($22 / 2 oz.). Beard balms are great for styling and adding moisture to your beard. Zeus Beard Balm also fights beard itch and won't clog pores.

6. Chadwick Boseman


Where you've seen him before: Chadwick Boseman starred in movies like the 2013 "42," 2014 "Get On Up" and 2018 "Black Panther." Boseman graduated from Howard University in 2000. Like Pine, he first hit the Hollywood scene in 2003 with a guest role on the television show "Third Watch."

Why he has one of the best beards in Hollywood: Boseman's beard is well-tailored to his face and helps to better define his jawline. When added to the beard, his mustache style also creates a finished look.

Get the look: To achieve clean lines, try the Zeus Edge Up Beard Shaping Template Tool ($9). Using a stencil will help you achieve symmetrical lines without the stress. As an added bonus, this shaping tool contains a built-in comb and transparent body so you can easily see where you are cutting.

5. Chris Hemsworth


Where you've seen him before: Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as the character Thor. He starred in the 2012 "The Avengers," 2017 "Thor Ragnarok" and "Thor" and 2018 "Avengers: Infinity War" as the superhero god. He broke into Hollywood in 2002 with a guest role on the television show "Guinevere Jones."

Why he has one of the best beards in Hollywood: Chris Hemsworth has an ideal beard. It's a great length without being over the top. Moreover, it is thick and full, creating the perfect manly look.

Get the look: Growing a beard like Hemsworth's requires a time investment, healthy lifestyle and proper beard care. Luckily, using Zeus Beard Oil ($25 / 1 fl. oz.) and a Zeus Pear Wood Boar Bristle Brush ($16) will help to avoid itch and conceal patchiness while your beard is still growing in.

4. Jason Momoa


Where you've seen him before: Jason Momoa is known for his role in the 2011 television show "Game of Thrones." More recently he starred in movies like the 2017 "Justice League" and 2018 "Aquaman." Momoa began his career as a model in the late 90s and entered Hollywood in 1999 on the television show "Baywatch Hawaii."

Why he has one of the best beards in Hollywood:  Just from looking at Momoa's beard it is obvious that his locks are healthy and soft to the touch. No unruly bristles or untidy edges are found here.

Get the look: To maintain the most moisture in your beard, try Zeus Beard Conditioner ($18 / 8 fl. oz.). The softening product uses Pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera gel and avocado oil to protect your strands and provide the best feel.

3. Justin Turner


Where you've seen him before: Switching from actors to athletes, Justin Turner is the third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Turner, an alumni from Mayfair High School and Cal State Fullerton, started his professional baseball career with the Cincinnati Reds. He then played for the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Mets before finding his current home in LA.

Why he has one of the best beards in Hollywood: Turner's beard is notable for both its full shape and vibrant color. He definitely brings one home for gingers everywhere with the realization that red can definitely still look cool.

Get the look: To increase the vibrancy of your beard, it is important to keep it clean. Zeus Beard Shampoo ($18 / 8 fl. oz.) is perfect for the job. The vegan-friendly product is made with sensitive ingredients that won't strip your facial hair of essential oils or pigment.

2. James Harden



Where you've seen him before: James Harden is currently a shooting guard and point guard for the Houston Rockets. In addition, he started his basketball career at Arizona State and also played for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He also represented the United States in the 2012 Olympics and is among the highest paid players in the NBA.

Why he has one of the best beards in Hollywood: Harden may currently play for the Houston Rockets. However, he is a Los Angeles native and attended Artesia High School. His beard goes beyond just normal facial hair and adds another positive element to his overall style. Who needs to flash jewelry when they can flash perfect facial hair?

Get the look: When creating a full look that embraces both your beard and your mustache, you should also invest in products for both. For example, the Zeus Mustache Wax ($17 / 1 oz.) is great for taming your 'stache and completing the total look without patchiness. Warming the wax in your hands before applying it helps to achieve best results.

1. ZZ Top



Where you've seen them before: The men from ZZ Top are equally recognized for their brilliant bushy beards and their hit songs like the 1983 "Sharp Dressed Man." The beard gods came on to the Hollywood scene in 1969 with their first single "Salt Lick." They were signed in London in 1970. Notably, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

Why they have some of the best beards in Hollywood: Judging why Billy Gibbons' or Dusty Hill's beards are epic pretty much goes without saying. From the length to the fullness, honestly what's not to admire?

Get the look: If you're going to attempt a ZZ Top beard, you need the full beard grooming kit. The Zeus Ultimate Beard kit ($79) includes beard brush, a comb, beard shampoo and conditioner, beard oil and beard balm along with a metal tin.

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