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Zeus Edge Up Beard Shaping Template Tool

Zeus Edge Up Beard Shaping Template Tool


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  • Ensures clean, perfect lines for the neck, cheek, and jaw
  • Transparent material grants vision of your beards
  • Build-in comb keeps straggler hairs in place
  • Designed with a handle for a comfortable grip
  • Tapered edge for a close shave with clippers or a razor
  • Are you tired of spending valuable time trying to edge up the perfect beard? Frustrated creating uneven symmetry? Groom like a pro with Zeus Edge Up Beard Shaping Template Tool. This stencil gets you clean, perfect lines every time. This shaping guide features a handle for easy grip, a built-in comb, and a transparent body for unobstructed vision when lining up your beard. Edge Up assists in sculpting a large range of facial hair types. It's simple. It saves time. You'll wish you had it sooner.

    How to Use:
    1) Brush your hairs down with a brush or with the built-in comb. 2) Position the Edge Up tool where you wish to create your neck, cheek, or jaw line. 3) While holding the tool in place, use clippers or a razor over the tapered edge. 4) Repeat for the opposite side.
    (Use with Zeus Beard Apron to catch all fallen hairs for quick, easy clean up)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Nicholas K.
    Great Shaper

    What';s up guys? This is a great tool for a shape up for your beard. It has a nice curve that you can re-position to get the curve you are looking for. I';ve never had to use the straight edges but I know they will come in handy. My only opinion is that it needs to have more than one curve so that if one curve doesn';t work, you have 2 or 3 that can possibly fit. One curve might not work for all. There needs to be a variety if curve for this tool. I believe in doing so, the shaper would be a rival among competitors.

    Charlton L.

    Bought for the hubby he loves it good quality product helps him shape his beard to perfection!

    Rafael J.


    Peyton C.
    Cant wait to try more…

    Cant wait to save up and try oils. Great quality product and packaging. Fast shipping!!:-)

    Brooke A.