Here Are 9 Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards

Here Are 9 Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards

October is already halfway over, which means Halloween parties are already in full swing. If you're heading out to a Monster Mash of your own, you'll definitely need the perfect costume. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to Halloween costumes for men with beards.

Whether you have a short beard, a long beard or a unique style, here at Zeus Beard we found the perfect Halloween costume for you.

Keep reading to see how to recreate everything from Connor McGregor's fight beard to Walter White's look from "Breaking Bad." With this list, you can stop stressing about how you'll be dressing and focus on which "boos" you're bringing to the party instead.


Alan from "The Hangover"

Alan is easily the funniest character in "The Hangover" movies. A beard and a baby are his main accessories so if you have a full facial hair style, you're already halfway done with your costume.

What you'll need for the costume:

To encompass Alan's style, or lack thereof, you'll need these items for your Halloween night of Vegas-like debauchery:

  • Alan's beige human tree shirt (You can find the exact replica here)
  • white pants
  • brown belt
  • brown sunglasses
  • running shoes
  • brown satchel
  • ACE bandage (for hand)
  • fake baby and carrier

How to style your beard:

Alan's look is burly but well groomed. Opt for beard oil over beard balm because it will keep your beard looking more natural rather than sculpted. Trim your beard neatly around the edges to keep it from looking too wild.

The bearded lady from "The Venice Beach Freakshow"

Among Morgue, the man who swallows swords, and Kanya, a girl born with no legs, was another member of the Venice Beach Freakshow: Jessa, the bearded lady.

Sadly, the freakshow closed its doors to the public in 2017. However, you can bring back the fun by rocking Jessa's beautiful bearded style for Halloween this year.

What you'll need for the costume:

To bring back Jessa's beautiful beard, these are the essentials you'll want to grab from the store:

  • green eyeshadow
  • hot pink lipstick
  • 1960's-1970's style bright dress
  • flower crown
  • red braided bun wig
  • umbrella

How to style your beard:

Jessa's beard is curly and unkempt. If your beard is somewhat patchy while growing in, this is the ideal costume for you because you don't have to groom it into a fuller style. Embrace your budding beard and make everyone at the party laugh with your costume!

Heisenberg from "Breaking Bad"

We're guessing you probably aren't a high school science teacher who cooks meth with one of his former drug dealing students. However, if you're a fan of the show "Breaking Bad," dressing up as Heisenberg will give you the opportunity to embrace your inner bad ass for the night.

What you'll need for the costume:

Turning into Walter White is made easy with this full costume. However, if you want to recreate the look on your own, here are the essential pieces:

  • yellow shirt
  • yellow hazmat suit
  • head gear
  • glasses

How to style your beard:

You have two options when it comes to dressing up like the "Breaking Bad" lead characters. If you choose Walter White, than trim your beard so the hair is concentrated to the area around your lips. If you decide to go for Jesse Pinkman instead, rock the five o'clock shadow.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has been making a lot of headlines lately for his recent fight (and fight after the fight) with Khabib Nurmagomedov. To recreate his style while making the look a little spookier, draw on some fake bruises or a faux bloody nose.

What you'll need for the costume:

To take the championship belt for the costume contest, here are the things you'll need to turn into Conor McGregor:

  • UFC-style shorts
  • gloves
  • fake tattoos
  • black, purple and yellow or tan eye shadow (to create bruises)
  • fake blood

How to style your beard:

If you're going for McGregor's after-fight look, it's okay to leave your beard on the natural side. Don't worry, you don't have to work up a sweat to get McGregor's glistening shine. Instead, try tea tree beard oil, which moisturizes your beard and leaves it looking healthy and shiny.


Gandalf from "Lord of the Rings"

Maybe Halloween is your favorite time of year and you've been growing your beard out for the special occasion or maybe you always rock a lengthy beard. Whatever the case, if you have the impressive beard length, dressing like Gandalf is nothing less than epic.

What you'll need for the costume:

Whether you're dressing as Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White, here are all your wizardly needs:

How to style your beard:

Long beards easily get tangled. To embrace your length without snags, invest in a boar bristle brush. Brushing out your beard before applying the colored hair spray will also help distribute the color more evenly.

Zeus the king of gods

Of course Zeus has the most glorious beard around. A burly beard makes sense considering, he is the god of sky and thunder who rules all the other gods. To rule your spooktacular bash, donning a big beard like Zeus will surely impress.

What you'll need for the costume:

To complement your god-like beard, pick up these other costume elements:

  • a white toga or sleeveless robe
  • gray sweat pants
  • strappy sandals
  • wrist cuffs
  • thunderbolt
  • beard wig (if needed)
  • white hairspray (if using real beard)

How to style your beard:

Okay, we understand that most men aren't likely rocking a real beard that looks like the one above. However, even if you don't have a Zeus beard naturally, you can throw on a beard wig for the night and feel just as powerful.

Forrest Gump in the running scene


If you can deal with hearing "Run Forrest, Run" all night than you may just be able to pull off this costume. From the famous running scene in "Forrest Gump" is this flowing brown bearded look.

What you'll need for the costume:

While you'll have to find your own Jenny to attend parties with, these items will help complete your costume:

  • yellow V-neck shirt
  • red shorts
  • blue windbreaker
  • red Bubba Gump hat
  • Nike running shoes
  • high white socks

How to style your beard:

Like the Zeus costume, growing out this beard naturally can easily prove too difficult. You have two options. On one hand, you can wear a wig like the one in this full costume. On the other hand, you can still wear the costume and say you're Forrest a little earlier in the scene, since his beard grows as he runs.


Lieutenant Dangle from "Reno 911"

If mustaches are more your style rather than beards, this hilarious costume will definitely win the party over. Be sure to take your job way too seriously and give out fake citations for drunk and disorderly party goers.

What you'll need for the costume:

You better bring your best confident and authoritative attitude to pull off this mustache and mini-shorts look. Here's what else you'll need:

  • Get your belt, shirt, shorts and badge with this full costume
  • black shoes
  • short black socks
  • black aviator sunglasses

How to style your beard:

Unlike the beards from the last section, to pull off a costume like Lieutenant Dangle, you'll need to focus on the hair above your lip not below it. That means, it's time to start grooming your mustache. Using smaller combs and trimming tools that are specifically for mustaches will help you recreate his classic straight-shaped 'stache.

Your "beard is weird"

If you haven't heard about the diss track battle between Eminem and MGK, you've likely been living under a rock the last month. MGK's "weird beard" line against Eminem was quick to make memes and serves as the perfect inspiration for a hilarious Halloween costume.

What you'll need for the costume:

Bonus points if you can find a friend to don a man bun as MGK and battle rap with you. For your meme-worthy Eminem look, you'll need:

  • black shirt
  • black pants
  • gray zip-up hoodie
  • black hat
  • chain
  • watch
  • brown hairspray (to make beard darker)

How to style your beard:

How exactly does one make their beard weird? The thing most critics point out about the change from Eminem's classic clean-shaven look is how dark his new beard is. You may be one of the guys grumbling about going gray, but dyeing your tresses should be a careful process. Luckily, for this look, the point is to go as dark as you can so don't hold back with the colored hairspray.

Now that you have all your bearded costume choices, it's time to grab the "boos" and head over to your spooky soiree.
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