Is the Pool Killing Your Beard: How to Prevent and Repair Damage

Is the Pool Killing Your Beard: How to Prevent and Repair Damage

With temperatures already reaching over 100 degrees here at Zeus Headquarters, we know it’s officially pool season. Swimming is not only a great way to cool off, but it’s also a solid workout, a great chance to show off your tattoos, or even your beard. We may be biased, but there is nothing more heavenly than a glistening beard hanging by the pool.

Your local pool is most likely treated with chlorine. It’s a fine sanitizing agent to keep the water fresh, but not so great for your hair. Chlorine will strip the natural oils from your hair and beard, leaving it dry and brittle. Once hair splits, the damage is irreparable and no amount of essential oil can bring it back to life. That quickly can make your soft beard, scratchy and uncomfortable.



Dry and brittle hair isn’t the only worry your beard has when you jump off the diving board. Have you ever noticed after a long day of swimming that your hair looks a little green? Don’t blame the chlorine for that one. The green color is caused by oxidation of copper, an element common in anti-algae agents. Before you dive into the deep end, check out our tips below to keep your beard godly all summer long.

Before The Pool

First, stop at the showers...or a hose if you’re feeling tough! Wet your hair prior to jumping in to prevent chlorine, copper, and other minerals from disturbing your facial hair. Grab a towel to dry your beard, then apply a beard oil (like our Zeus Beard Oil). The oil will act as a barrier from chlorine and deposits while not leaving any residue behind.  

After The Pool

Once the pool party has ended, it's time to hit the showers again! Don’t delay on this one, washing your hair and beard right after you get out of the pool is an important step. The longer you wait, the greater chance you have of the chlorine and other minerals settling into the hair shaft causing damage or discoloration.

Once you’re in shower, wash your beard with a shampoo that has clarifying properties such as citric acid. Citric acid breaks down the buildup of chemicals in your hair and beard, removing minerals before they can settle deep into the hair shaft. Zeus Beard Shampoo Wash contains an excellent combination of citric acid, green tea and chamomile, to cleanse and condition. Once your beard is squeaky clean, follow up with antioxidant rich Zeus Beard Conditioner and Softener to restore natural oils and eliminate any pesky elements left behind. With a little prep time, you can have your pool time without compromising your soft and luxurious beard.
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