Men With Beards: Top 9 Reasons Bearded Bros are Better

Men With Beards: Top 9 Reasons Bearded Bros are Better

Let's just be honest, men with beards do it better. Aside from the handsome good looks that come with a burly beard or sharp-lined stunner, beards are practical for a number of reasons. Men rocking the facial fuzz will look better and be more prepared.

However, you don't have to just take our word for it. Here at Zeus Beard, we compiled a list of beard functions that will convince you that the hairy-faced men are the best. Look no further, for our top nine reasons men with beards are better.

9. Men with beards have a built in blanket for their face.

Men with beards aren't going to be staying inside on a snow day. Their beards will keep them nice and warm.

It turns out, a 2012 Chinese study showed beards retain about one degree more heat than their shaven counterparts, according to Popular Science. However, on the downside, those trekking through the ice might have some difficulty defrosting their facial fuzz.


 8. Men with beards have a personal fly swatter for their hikes.

 If your beard is on the longer side, you're well-prepared for fighting away any pesky bugs during your outdoor adventures.

Simply pull back your chin tresses, aim and fire!  It's all in the flick of the wrist, but we have confidence you'll master your new craft.


7. Men with beards have a built in bowl or food storage unit.

Who needs a box for their leftovers at the end of a meal when you have your trusty beard?

That's not all. Sculpt a little beard balm through your tresses and you have a built in bowl.

You'll never go hungry again.


6. Men with beards have a nail file for the ladies.

Come on, it's just common knowledge that the beards get the babes. With a little extra facial fluff, they won't be able to keep their hands off of you.

A 2008 research study by Neave and Shields showed that female participants found men with beards to be the most masculine, aggressive and socially mature, according to Psychology Today.


5. Men with beards have the coolest dance moves.

 Blondes may have more fun, but they don't have anything on the bros with the beards.

Beards aren't just a great fashion statement, they're also perfect for swinging around while you're out there on the dance floor busting a move.

And if you grow it long enough, you'll even have a lasso for the country concerts.


4. Men with beards have unforgettable style.

Men with beards are style icons. From Ryan Gosling to Chris Hemsworth, a good beard is an unforgettable fashion statement.

A study in the "Journal of Evolutionary Behavior" showed that women voted men with light stubble as the most attractive for a one night stand. However, men with full beards scored highest for long-term commitment and fatherhood, according to Bustle.


3. Men with beards make the perfect table centerpiece.

 This one is for the ladies. Why spend your hard earned cash on buying expensive roses or decorations for the center of the table when you have everything you need right at home?

Just grab your man and some flowers from the garden and you're set. All you need to do is weave them through your lovable guy's beard and you have the perfect centerpiece.

Who knew crafting could be this easy?


2. Men with beards are smarter than their hairless peers.

 Men with beards understand that their faces are one of their best assets.

Therefore, they also know that adding a beard provides benefits like slowing the effects of aging and keeping the skin moisturized.


1. Men with beards just have more fun.

Who else can turn their chin into its own mini face? Case closed.

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