As a beard care company, we get a lot of beard-related questions from customers. Do you actually need to use a beard oil? Is it possible to make your beard grow thicker or faster? And why doesn’t regular shampoo and conditioner cut it for your beard?

To simplify your journey to a beard fit for a god, we’ve assembled a page with our most frequently asked questions - Beard Care 101. You’ll not only learn more about Zeus products and how to use them optimally, but also the facts behind why your beard acts the way it does (dry skin, dandruff, itch, etc.) and how to combat these issues.

We encourage you to read through the page, get learnt up about your beard, and then proceed to select products that meet your needs.

If you have a question not answered on the page, by all means let us know! Leave a comment below or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram. We’re more than glad to add useful info to the page!

Beard On,

The Zeus Team
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