With great power comes great responsibility. Such is the case with beards. Making your beard look winsome for the fairer sex involves a lot more than just putting down your razor for a few months. Beards can become overgrown thickets – complete with their own ecosystems - without proper pruning and TLC.

In the war against the ZZ Top look, we have forged some new choice weapons for your arsenal – Zeus beard combs. We like to think of these tools as small but deadly. Without them, your beard oils and balms would smoothe but not shape. While Zeus has been carrying grooming brushes for quite some time, we realized we wanted some detailers as well, so our combs were born.

Beard combs are the finishing touch on a proper beard care routine. After you’ve washed, conditioned, and applied beard oil to your beard, a beard comb will reign in every last hair for a polished facial region.

Because we don’t believe that one size fits all, we’ve crafted three different types: a Mustache Comb, a Pocket Beard Comb, and a Beard Comb. All our combs are handmade to ensure the quality you’ve come to expect from Zeus.

The Mustache Comb is a petite, pocket-sized comb that reduces static, with rounded teeth to massage your face and distribute beard oils or wax.

The Beard Comb is the centerpiece of our comb collection, a full-sized comb with both fine and medium teeth to tame every size beard hair and untangle with finesse.

The Pocket Beard Comb is the miniature version of our Beard Comb, complete with a leather sheath and tab for snappy touch-ups on the go.

Here’s to Looking Good,

The Zeus Team
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