Should You Use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush?

Should You Use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush?

Beard brush or Beard comb? We’re here to answer one of our most asked questions. The most important thing to remember that regardless of which tool you choose to use, both are vital to the health and maintenance of your beard. Brushing and combing your beard is just as important as brushing and combing your hair. To keep your facial hair in tip-top shape follow our guide on how to choose between combs or brushes for ultimate beard maintenance.

Beard Brush Benefits

Beard brushes are different than hair brushes in that they are specifically designed to condition your beard. Natural boar hair bristles reach the full length of hair to help style your beard while distributing natural oils and beard moisturizers evenly. These trap the products in better than a comb would and ensures product go deeper. Brushing your hairs daily can also motivate your your beard follicles to grow in the direction you desire. Eventually your beard will be easier and easier to maintain. We recommend starting off with a beard brush if your beard is shorter as it is more effective at this length and les likely to tangle.

Brushes are also ideal for hygiene purposes as it does a great job of keeping your beard clean. Throughout the day your beard can pick up dirt and debris and trap it close to the skin. Brushing your beard ensures that they get removed and keep your skin and beard healthy.

Beard Comb Benefits

It is ideal to start using a beard comb when your beard grows a bit longer. Typically we recommend using a beard comb once you are a few months into your beard journey and can start counting the length of your beard in inches. A beard comb is a great tool for detangling your facial hair. What beard comb should you choose depends on the length and texture of your hair. The longer and thicker your brad, the wider spacing between the teeth of the comb should be.

A huge benefits of using a comb, is that it’s the perfect styling tool for longer beards. In contrast to short beards, long beards look great when combed. Using in combination with a beard balm, you can curl, shape and straighten it as much as you want.

A beard comb is also ideal if you trim your beard with scissors. It give excellent control, allowing you to make really detailed snips. This is ideal for hard tor each places such as your upper lip.

A summary:

  • If you have a shorter beard that is 1-3 months old, we recommend using a natural boar hair bristle brush along with beard oil and beard balm.
  • If you have a longer beard that is 3-5 months old, we recommend using a beard comb along with styling products to detangle and shape your beard.
  • You also have the option of using both. The bristle brush can help keep your beard conditioned while the comb will help with tangles.

Check out these products to maintain the perfect beard no wonder what stage of growing you are in.

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