Skincare isn’t the sexiest topic. But if you want a beard worthy of the gods, you’ve got to take care of the foundation upon which your beard rests. We’re breaking it down for you with two parts. In Part 1 we’ll cover food and sleep, two factors that you simply can’t forgo if you want nice skin (and an epic beard). In Part 2 we’ll cover skin types and your daily routine.

You’re already taking care of your beard with the right products. Don’t forget the rest of the equation. Check back for Part 2 soon!


Before you start on any kind of skincare routine, remember the following:

Eat well

A better beard starts with what you eat. Skincare and beard maintenance are important, but will only get you so far if you feast on pizza and soda every night. Think of it this way: everything you eat feeds your cells, which in turn feed your skin and beard. Junk in = junk out. So what exactly should you eat? We wrote a blog post covering the best foods for your skin and beard – check it out here.

Drink enough water

Every cell in your body needs water to function, and when you don’t get enough, your skin and hair become dry, flaky, and generally meh. Even scarier, if you don’t get enough water, you're hindering your body’s beard-growing abilities, since the cells responsible for beard growth won’t be working at optimum capacity. If you’re struggling with a patchy beard, water (and patience) can help you fill it out by promoting healthy beard growth.

Aim for eight 8-oz. glasses of water a day, and spread those glasses out over the course of a day since your body can only absorb so much water every hour.

Get enough sleep

Finally, don’t forget to clock in the amount of shut-eye your body needs. When you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin, encouraging collagen production and hair growth. Without enough sleep, you’re cutting this process short. Not only that, but your body also starts producing cortisol (AKA stress hormone), which increases inflammation and makes skin conditions like acne and psoriasis worse.

Bottom line? Do what you have to for enough sleep – ban electronics from the bedroom, try meditation, and keep a cool room: 60 – 67 degrees has been shown to provide the most sleep-friendly conditions.
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