Zeus Beard Oil Summer Scents: Introducing 'Italian Cypress' and 'Woodsy'

Zeus Beard Oil Summer Scents: Introducing 'Italian Cypress' and 'Woodsy'

With summer right around the corner, beard oil is essential to treat your tresses after a long day in the sun. After all, even the strongest beards succumb to sweat and sand as the weather get hotter. Thankfully, beard oil delivers moisture and vitamins back to your beard, replenishing strands before damage sets in.

Here at Zeus Beard, our beard oils are designed with a blend of antioxidants and natural ingredients to ensure beard health always tops the priority list. Keep reading to learn more about the ingredients chosen for our beard oils and the new summer scents dropping this month.

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Why is beard oil useful?

Beard oil helps with a variety of beard issues you may experience during the summertime. While its best to always take preventive measures like wearing hats and sunscreen, beard oil works as both a line of defense and damage-control against extended sun exposure. 

First, it combats dry hair issues like dandruff and breakage, using ingredients like safflower seed oil and vitamin E. Safflower seed oil fights off flaky skin under your beard, while vitamin E stimulates blood circulation to help promote healthy beard growth.


More importantly however, these two ingredients work together to protect your beard and skin cells against free radicals. Free radicals are damaging molecules that develop from the sun's powerful and potentially harmful UV rays. Left unprotected, too much exposure to UV rays can lead to medical conditions like skin cancer.

In addition, beard oil helps to replenish the aesthetic parts of your beard that sun and sweat often strip away. Argan and grape seed oil revamp your beard's appearance, fighting problems like dulled color and mild irritation.

Argan seed oil brings back your beard's shine and moisture while grape seed oil soothes sun-stricken skin sensitively and smooths tangled strands. Together, these ingredients help your beard appear fuller and healthier.

Beard oil summer scents

Currently, Zeus Beard Oils are offered in the fragrances Verbena Lime, Sandalwood, Vanilla Rum, Spiced Maple, Tea Tree and an unscented version.

For summer, we also have two new fragrances joining the line-up for a limited time: Italian Cypress and Woodsy.


Italian Cypress

Italian cypress trees are known for their impressive length. Mimicking the shape of a powerful beard, these tall trees can grow to heights of 40 feet.

Outshining its height, however, is the Italian Cypress smell. Out of the two summer scents, the limited edition "Italian Cypress" beard oil is sure to spice things up. This is for the bearded man looking for a more daring twist this summer.

The "Italian Cypress" scent balances its spiciness with mint notes and a background of earthy basil and sweet citrus. Together, it delivers everything you love about carefree summertime.


On the other hand, "Woodsy" is for the bearded man continuously stocking up on the "Sandalwood" scent. While "Sandalwood" delivers its masculine scent with a cool subtlety, "Woodsy" enhances the flavor even more for summer.

Imagine the "Woodsy" beard oil scent as being that same classic style with a fun flash of flavor. Adding both spice and creamy notes to the best-selling wood smell, "Woodsy" embraces its bold bump up without totally leaving your comfort zone.

When and how to apply beard oil

The amount of beard oil you should use depends on the length and thickness of your beard. For short or very thin beards, using about four drops is ideal. However, for long, thick or damaged beards, slightly more oil is required. Men with these beards should apply around six drops of oil.

Beard oil is most effective when applied right after a shower when your skin and hair follicles are warm and open. Adding beard oil to your morning routine will help lock in hydration throughout the day, fighting off dryness and environmental irritants.

However, sometimes you need a pick-me-up throughout the day too. If you find your beard feeling dry and tangled, you can reapply during outdoor activities for some added protection and comfort.

Finally, beard oil is also useful as an overnight mask. After showering off at the end of the day, blending in some oil to your beard will help it regenerate while you sleep.

To apply beard oil, pour the drops into your hands first to create an even coat. Then, run your fingers through the strands of your beard from root to tip, focusing on dry or coarse areas. After your beard is fully coated, rub the leftover oil on your neck for a bright, fresh look.

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