zeus beard taking care of your beard during fall winter months

Taking Care of Your Beard During Fall/Winter Months

The fall and winter months bring forth colder temperatures, which means you can pull out your favorite flannels and beanies (Unless you’re a person that wears flannels and beanies all-year round).

In any case, cold weather means you’re going to have to perform some additional maintenance on your beard if you want it to survive through the chilly seasons.

Just like how hot, humid weather is bad for your facial hair, the same goes for cold, dry weather.

What Cold Weather Does for Your Beard

When there’s a lack of moisture in the air, the natural oils in your beard dries out. This can lead to the hairs developing splits ends and becoming brittle.

Additionally, colder temps cause the hair follicles to tense up. That can lead to slower hair growth due to poor blood circulation.

So How Do I Prevent My Beard from Drying Out?

1) Keep Your Beard Hydrated and Moisturized

If you don’t want brittle facial hair during the colder months, you have to keep your beard hydrated and moisturized.

zeus beard taking care of your beard during fall/winter months

Our beard conditioner, oil and balm, which we like to call our hydration trio, aren’t just products to make your beard smell amazing. They exist because they keep your facial hair healthy.

We’ll talk about beard conditioner in a bit, but for now we’ll be focusing on beard oil and balm.

Whether you use our standard beard oil or our refined beard oil, both are engineered to keep your facial hair hydrated.

Apply beard oil to your facial hair every day or multiple times a day, depending on how hydrated your beard was to begin with.

You don’t have to drown your beard in oil, but add enough to ensure all the hairs are evenly coated.

Make sure to use a beard brush or comb to work the product into your mane.

On top of using beard oil, considering adding beard balm to your regimen if you haven’t done so already.

Our water-based beard balm contains sunflower seed oil to make your facial hair stronger. It also contains beeswax to help lock in the moisture while taming any stray hairs.

2) Condition Your Beard More, Shampoo Your Beard Less

In addition to using beard oil on a daily basis, you should increase how often you condition your beard and cut back on how often you shampoo your facial hair.

zeus beard taking care of your beard during fall winter months

Consider conditioning your beard about 3-4 times a week while only washing it once or twice a week.

The reason for this is that washing your beard too often will strip the hairs of its natural oils, making it more prone to developing split ends or becoming brittle.

On the flipside, conditioning your beard more often will moisturize the hairs, making it stronger and more pliable.

Remember to always use beard shampoo and beard conditioner when cleaning and conditioning your beard.

3) Use Lukewarm Water to Clean Your Beard

Make it a habit to use lukewarm water when washing and conditioning your beard.

Using hot water will remove the natural oils from your beard hair and make it brittle. It’ll also make your facial skin itchy.

Even though it feels much better to use hot water while cleaning your beard, using warm water will ensure you facial hair stays hydrated and healthy.

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