The Differences Between Beard Conditioner, Oil and Balm

The Differences Between Beard Conditioner, Oil and Balm

There comes a point in beard and mustache growing when your facial hair starts to get tough and the skin underneath gets irritated and flaky.

These are signs that your facial hair isn’t getting hydrated or it’s unable to hold in any moisture. You might be using beard shampoo to keep it clean, but that’s not enough to keep your facial hair healthy.

You might be intimidated with the different options you have to add to your routine to get your beard to god-tier levels — should you use beard conditioner, beard oil (or refined beard oil) or beard balm?

The nitty-gritty of it is that you can use all three together if you want soft, healthy facial hair and skin. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a tumbleweed-like beard. We don’t want none of that!

We’re going to break down what all these products do and how to use them in your daily beard care routine.

Zeus Beard Conditioner: The Foundation to Softness

Zeus Beard Conditioner

Similar to what normal conditioner does for the hair on you head, the main job of Zeus Beard Conditioner is to hydrate your facial hair so that it’s soft, pliable and strong. That’s due to the inclusion of natural ingredients, such as avocado oil and green tea.

Our conditioner also contains jojoba oil and aloe vera, which balances the natural oils in your beard while adding hair volume, as well as lock in hydration in the hair and skin to prevent irritation and beardruff — dandruff, but on your face.

Use beard conditioner after you’ve given your facial hair a wash with some beard shampoo. Just work in a dollop of conditioner into your beard while it’s wet, leave it in for at least 1 minute and rinse it out. You can also use it as a leave-in conditioner overnight and wash it out in the morning. After you rinse out the conditioner, pat it dry with a towel.

Zeus Beard Oil and Refined Beard Oil: Ultimate Moisturizer for Beards and Mustaches

Zeus Beard Oil

Using Zeus Beard Oil or Zeus Refined Beard Oil on your facial hair will take your moisturizing game to the next level. Both products will hydrate and soften your beard without leaving it greasy and oily. However, one product might be better based on your beard type.

Our beard oil is safflower seed oil-based and contains argan seed and grape seed oils, as well as vitamin E, which is great for people who have regular skin that isn’t easily irritated by these ingredients. The oil’s thin, light consistency absorbs into hair and skin slower, and is best used for most beard types. You should also use beard oil to your facial hair if you’re just starting to grow out your beard.

On the flipside, our refined beard oil is almond oil-based and contains argan seed and avocado oils and soybean, which makes it more suitable for people who have sensitive skin. It also has a thicker, gel-like consistency that absorbs faster into hair and skin, and is best used for thicker, textured beards.

Whichever product you choose, all you need to do is massage in a few drops of beard oil or a few pumps of refined beard oil into your facial hair after you’ve shampooed and conditioned your beard. After rubbing the oil in with your fingers, use a beard brush, a beard comb or both to evenly distribute the product. A brush will exfoliate the skin to remove any dead skin and a comb will massage the skin to stimulate blood circulation and encourage hair growth.

Zeus Beard Balm: The Mane Tamer

Zeus Beard Balm

Technically, you could stop after using conditioner and oil on your beard, but if you really want to take it a step further, add Zeus Beard Balm to your routine. It’s what we consider to be a hybrid between a conditioner and a styling aid — it keeps moisture locked in while taming any stray or unruly hairs.

Our beard balm is made with sunflower seed oil and shea butter to moisturize facial hair and skin. There’s also beeswax in it, which gives the balm its styling power.

This product is great to use if you have a thicker, longer beard and want to smooth any flyway hairs and sculpt your facial hair in place.

After you oil your facial hair, scoop out a dime-sized amount into your hands, rub your hands to soften the product and then work the balm into your beard and/or mustache. Like with beard oil, use a brush, comb or both to evenly incorporate the balm into your facial hair.

zeus beard conditioner, oil and balm

TLDR: Using beard conditioner, oil and balm together will ensure that your facial hair will retain its god-tier status for as long as you have your beard.

Here’s how to use all three products together for your daily beard care routine:

Step 1: Wash your beard with beard shampoo (Don’t use regular shampoo. It is harsher on facial hair).

Step 2: After washing, and while facial hair is still wet, use beard conditioner to moisturize and soften beard (Again, don’t use regular conditioner. It is just as harsh on facial hair).

Step 3: Once your facial hair is dry, add beard oil or refined beard oil to facial hair to hydrate hair and skin, as well as lock in moisture. Work in product with beard brush, comb or both.

Step 4 (Optional): After beard oil is applied, work in beard balm to facial hair to add additional hydration protection and style beard to your liking.

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