Having a beard is now the essence of manliness and the height of fashion.  This intense rise in beard popularity has brought along with it many people whose beards are just as famous as they are - celebrities whom you can’t help but admire for their beard-growing abilities. Many of these hirsute guys have built their empires on Instagram.

Today, we will be taking a look at seven of the best Instagram handles for beard lovers. Trust us, we here at Zeus Beard know a solid beard when we see one.

Lane Toran (@LaneToran)

Anybody who grew up during the 90’s probably already knows Lane Toran without even knowing it.  The voice of Arnold from the nickelodeon TV show Hey Arnold!  is now all grown up, and a bonafide Instagram celebrity/heartthrob to boot.  His compositions are always beautiful and interesting, typically conveying a mellow, artistic vibe.


Isaiah Webb (@Incredibeard)

Isaiah Webb, better known as Incredibeard, is a prime example of a beard being just as famous as the person growing it. This is a beard that truly makes you do a double take.  Incredibeard styles his insanely long facial hair into everything and anything, usually keeping in time with current events, and it’s always interesting to see what he’ll come up with next. Past creations include an axe for Halloween (above), a wreath for Christmas, and Wolverine claws

Damian Garcia (@Johnny_Bones)

Motorcycles, guns, beards, and babes. Damian Garcia, better known as Johnny Bones, is about as manly as a guy can get without ascending to another dimension.  His posts are epic examples of that all-American, badass lifestyle. His compositions are outstanding and he even sells prints and t-shirts on his website.

We might also add that Garcia is an all-around hardworking guy with a good sense of humor.


Josh Mario John (@Spizoiky)

Canada-based Josh Mario John, also known as @Spizoiky, is not just another pretty, bearded Instagram model. Josh, who has a degree in experimental psychology, is a social worker for a child welfare agency by day and an Instagram superstar by night.

You might have never guessed this, however, from his posts, which have a dark, gritty vibe and show John (usually shirtless) riding a bike or chopping up wood in his dad’s workshop.  

John has a strong beard and impressive tattoos. His Instagram feed is always full of professionally shot photos and sneak peeks into his life.


Brian and Johnathan (@thegaybeards)


Brian and Johnathan, two best friends from Portland, started an absolute craze when they filled their beards with flowers and posted it on Instagram.  Since then they’ve only gotten more and more popular. They now post regularly, filling their beards with everything from cheese puffs to moss to dandelions. It’s anyone's guess what they'll put in their beards next.


Drew (@sir_ndrewsilver)


We hope you aren’t sick of the motorcycle riding-tough guys because this one might just take the cake.  Sporting a majestic white beard and a load of ink, Drew (@sir__ndrewsilver) brings to mind visions of classic Americana and all that it stands for. 

He's also a talented artist.


Paul Eli (@Hipstagramlul)

Paul Eli is a French Canadian model/actor with an amazing beard and Instagram feed.  In his spare time he co-manages Leo, a contemporary menswear boutique in downtown Calgary, which definitely lends to his impeccable sense of style.  We love his feed for its sheer originality and unbeatable indie vibe, and there's definitely something to be learned from his careful curation of fashion and lifestyle goods.
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