Top 5 Most Attractive Beard Styles Women Love

Top 5 Most Attractive Beard Styles Women Love

It’s no secret that woman love facial hair. In 2013 a study was done that indicated facial hair strongly influences on women’s judgements of men’s socio-sexual attributes. Put plainly, women perceive men as attractive, responsible and masculine depending on what facial hair they have. Wondering what beard styles women are most attracted to? Here’s our complete breakdown on the subject.

The Stubble

Most guys look great in this style. It’s the perfect look for dudes with patchier beards as a shorter length makes a beard look fuller. Women prefer facial hair to be thick, which is why they tend to find this style most attractive. The study also found that although women saw men with heavy stubble to be less ready to settle down than their full bearded counterparts, they also rated them as the most attractive overall. If you’re debating on whether to rock facial hair, you can’t go wrong with starting here.

The Medium Length

The perfect look for the guy who wants to rock a mountain man beard, but still must come into the office from time to time. Interestingly enough, women viewed men with fuller beards to be more committed to a relationship than the rest of the styles on this list. A medium length, full beard shows that your status, age and assertiveness. However, keep in mind that this style requires maintenance. Keep it groomed using a beard care kit like the Zeus Premium Beard Care Kit or risk looking like a schmuck.

The Full Beard

If you’re looking to amp up the masculinity factor, then this beard style is for you. Women see full beards as the manliest out of the beard styles. A good rule of thumb is that the fuller the beard, the more masculine you are in a women’s eyes. A beard of this caliber requires a little TLC. Don’t forget to regularly wash it with specially formulated beard shampoo and conditioner and use beard balm and beard oil to keep things tame. It’s worth nothing that this beard style was found to be the highest in perceived maturity and ability to parent.

The Beard-Stache

Our personal favorite, this style incorporates both a full mustache and a relatively short and trimmed beard. We stand by the principle that if you can grow a Tom Selleck style mustache, you owe it to the beard community to do it. This style showcases the mustache and gives it the attention it deserves. Achieve ultimate style points by using a mustache wax and mustache comb to get that curl. Women love this underrated look, show her you’re not afraid to be different.

The Goatee

The man, the myth, the legend. Our boy Robert Downey Jr. made this look iconic and we are forever grateful to him. This style works great for our brothers who struggle with patchy cheeks, but we recommend the younger crowd stray away from this as its more suited to the more evolved man. Ladies find men with a goatee to be sophisticated and mature; a complete stud. Rocking a goatee tells her you mean business and you know what you want.

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