What Your Facial Hair Says About You

What Your Facial Hair Says About You

Welcome to the beard community! You have been lucky enough to be blessed with the ability to grow facial hair. The next big question is, how are you going to style it? In case it’s never crossed your mind, your beard can be big reflection on what your personality is like.

Check out our guide on what your facial hair says about you:

Full Beard

Someone who has a full beard comes across as confident, mature and scholarly. Not that you are being cocky about it, you’ve chosen a style mostly on how low maintenance it is. A well groomed full beard indicates to others that you know what you want and you know how to take care of yourself.


The full beards a little outdated cousin, the goatee indicates that you’re easy-going and casual. This style is more grown than the youthful chin sprouting but less serious than a full grown beard. In regards to beard commitment, you’re pretty much middle of the road.


This looks is super popular and it’s easy to see why. Stubble like this gives the perfect boy next door vibe. Effortlessly attractive is how you’re perceived. You’re likable, dripping with charm and just woke up looking this good.

5 o’clock shadow

A signature look for many, this is the perfect choice for bad boys. Despite feeling akin to sandpaper, this shadow keeps people coming back to them. It gives off effortlessly hot and if you look good with it, you must be since not many jawlines could pull this off.

The Magnum PI

A look that’s popular with old timers as well as young hipsters. If the former, this look tells everyone you’re as classy as they come and probably look darn good in a suit. If the later, you might be sending out the message that you love coffee shops and listening to records un-ironically.


Horseshoe Mustache

If the regular hipster has a mustache, then the Super Hipsters rock the Horseshoe Mustache. High-maintenance and sensitive, the owner of this mustache most likely own more than one wide-brim hat and brings a guitar everywhere with him. Originality is a priority to him and he prides himself on doing what others won’t.

Boho Beard

A full beard that has grown a little out of control, this beard tells everyone that you have a wild side. A beard like this has a mind of its own and is the perfect bohemian look for anyone that lives a life as untamed and creative as this beard.

Mutton Chops

You are the embodiment of masculine energy. You know it and you want everyone else to know it. There’s a reason why this beard style is the facial hair of choice for the true king of this look, Wolverine. Bring on the heavyweight lifting and monster trucks.

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