At Zeus, we get this question quite frequently. Ultimately, as with most of the products you can apply to your beard, the difference lies in hydration level and amount of hold.

Beard oil is for those looking for a moisturized, soft beard with a natural shape. Beard oil is a solid choice if you have a shorter beard. Beard oil also works if you have a long beard but want it to lie naturally.

Easily absorbed into skin and hair, it is best applied after you’ve washed your face or after the shower, when your pores are open.

Beard balm is for those who want extra frizz-fighting power in addition to the moisture element.

Unlike beard oil, beard balm usually contains some kind of wax, such as beeswax, so it will give your beard a more sculpted shape. For this reason, it suits those who have a longer and/or coarser beard.

The verdict?

It really depends on preference. You can use beard balm and beard oil separately depending on your beard length and desired amount of hold, or you can use them together for a soft and dashing beard. Since beard oil tends to be very light, using both an oil and balm together will not weigh your hair down.

Our Zeus Beard Balm and Oils are made from 100% natural ingredients, so you can tame your beard safely. If you're curious on how to apply beard oil, check out our blog post devoted to the subject.
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