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Why You Should Use Beard Balm




One normally reaches for a tin of beard balm when they want a degree of control and manageability while still keeping their beard conditioned and healthy. While each beard balm is created differently, they usually have an ingredient that gives the balm a tacky or viscous consistency. Our beard balms utilize all-natural beeswax. This particular element gives beard balm the strength needed to keep flyaway whiskers down while also locking moisture in your beard hairs and skin. In addition to this viscous ingredient, great beard balms will usually add in complementary ingredients like carrier oils that further nourish the skin and hair for a healthy beard.

Beard balm might sound like it delivers exactly what a beard oil does, and this is partially true. The key difference is beard balm offers more strength for taming wayward whiskers and can be used as a styling agent. Beard balm also makes your beard or mustache appear a lot thicker as it creates volume by adding friction between hairs.

How Do You Use Beard Balm

For optimal effectiveness, make sure to thoroughly cleanse and towel dry your facial hair prior to applying beard oil.

1. Scoop a nickel-sized amount of beard balm onto your palm. If it’s a little too firm, you can use your nail to scrape out the balm. If it’s really really firm, use a blow dryer to warm up the balm prior to scooping.

2. Rub the beard balm between your palms until it softens up and distributes evenly throughout your palm and fingers.

3. Run your hands through your beard starting from the roots and ending at the tips of your hair. Make sure to thoroughly cover all of your hairs and the skin beneath your beard.

4. Using a boar bristle brush, brush your facial hair until no hairs are sticking out. Alternatively, you can use a comb or your hand to shape and style our beard or mustache.

PRO-TIP: Rub the residual beard balm on your neck to moisturize your skin and add a light scent to your body.

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Why Choose Zeus?

Natural Ingredients

Zeus formulates with effective, natural ingredients first.

Cruelty Free

Zeus is never tested on animals.

Made in USA

Our Beard Balm is formulated & filled in USA.

Beard Balm FAQ

Can I Use Beard Balm with Beard Oil?

You sure can, and it's certainly a great 1-2 punch. We suggest applying the beard oil first and thoroughly brushing it through the length of your beard and the skin beneath. Then, follow up with the beard to further lock in moisture and grant control.

What Kind of Hold Does the Beard Balm Have?

Our beard balm features a light, natural hold. It certainly grants more control than a beard oil but not as much as a mustache wax or pomade. The hold of our beard balm is ideal for keeping down flyway whiskers without making your hairs crunchy. It's also great for training your beard hairs.

Should I Use Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

Beard balm and beard oil are beneficial for both beards and mustaches of all types and lengths. Your facial hair will instantly be better when you use either of these products, so don’t stress over which to get. Try both, see which one you like, and go with that.

With that out of the way, here are some of our recommendations when people ask us this question:

  • Want to pin down stray hairs? Want your beard or mustache to look thicker or denser? Get beard balm.
  • Want the softest beard imaginable? Have a super long beard that you’re having trouble applying balm to? Get beard oil.

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