Zeus Vegan Handled Mustache & Beard Brush, 100% Natural Tampico Fiber Bristle, Firm - J73

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  • $19.00
Dye Free
Dye Free
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
  • 100% firm, natural Tampico fiber bristles--A vegan friendly alternative
  • Outfitted with compact and warp resistant Walnut wood handle
  • Non-dyed bristles ensure only the best for your beard
  • Great for all beard and mustache types - Easily penetrates facial hair for taming and smoothing
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.125" | Bristle Height: 3/4"


Walnut Fine grained hardwood resists damage and warping over time

Tampico Fiber Bristle Our natural Tampico Fiber is made from a plant unique to the semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico

Long Beard Best for those with longer beards or thicker growth

100% Undyed Tampico Fiber, Walnut Wood

Looking for the one beard brush to check all the boxes? We know Zeus fans already love our Handled Mustache & Beard Brush, but there is always room for improvement. We are proud to present this staple grooming tool in a Vegan-friendly alternative! The key difference is the use of all-natural and sustainable Tampico. Tampico is a plant-based fiber that stems from a cactus type family native to Mexico. Once leaves are harvested, dried, and cut, they are typically dyed darker. We opted out of the dying process so only the best, natural bristles keep that magnificent facial hair in line. Tampico creates a medium-firm bristle that is gentle on the skin but does not compromise on taming or oil distributing duties.

When you reach for this brush, a smooth dark Walnut wood handle will be waiting. Walnut is known for its durability and resistance to warping- two things we love. A slim overall body outfitted with 3 rows of bristles to comfortably fit sensitive areas like the upper lip as well as that glorious beard.

NOTE: Tampico fiber carries a slight vegetal scent that should dissipate with use.