A Moment With Victorio Piva: Beard Care Fit For A God

A Moment With Victorio Piva: Beard Care Fit For A God

What’s not to like about a great Zeus Beard product montage? It’s got all the products you know and love with some added cinematics. 

It’s a 20-second spotlight on just a few of our favorite products and we’re really proud to have our pal Victorio help us out with what turned into a fan-favorite video, which you can find on the Zeus Beard YouTube Channel.

Zeus — Beard Care Fit for a God


One of the products featured in the spot is the Zeus Stainless Steel Comb F21. No, it won’t shoot out bolts of lightning, but it is shockingly good looking.

It’s laser cut from durable stainless steel and has smooth, rounded tips that won’t snag hairs or scratch your face. It’s an amazing comb for those with long beards or thicker growth.

Right next to the comb is our tried-and-true Zeus Bead Balm conditioner, a water-based product that provides a light hold. 

It’s made with sunflower seed oil to promote healthier growth for stronger hair, beeswax to provide that hold while protecting your facial hair and shea butter to moisturize and heal your skin while leaving the hairs shiny and smooth.

You’re going to need something to organize all your Zeus products when you’re on-the-go, so why not use our genuine leather hanging dopp bag

Unravel this sleek bag and you’ll find four internal compartments — two zip-enclosure pockets and two button-enclosure pockets. They’re each made from durable canvas and expands to hold your grooming essentials. You can hang it up with the built-in metal hood or lay it flat.

And when you’re ready to wind down, or get the party started, grab our whiskey glass imprinted with our Zeus logo.

This thick-based glass can hold 11 ounces and is a great companion for your whiskey on the rocks or scotch neat, if you can handle it.

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