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Zeus Whiskey Glass Tumbler

Zeus Whiskey Glass Tumbler


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    • Thick, heavy base for a balanced grip
    • Durable, made from high standard glass material
    • Imprinted with a Zeus logo
    • 11 fl. oz capacity
    • Dimensions: 3 1/4" W x 3 1/2" H

    Something about sipping on whiskey in a sophisticated Zeus Whiskey Glass Tumbler that makes you feel like a god. Perhaps its the sturdy and stylish design that makes it the perfect companion for your whiskey on the rocks. The beautiful look and feel of this glass is due to its high standard glass material. The thick and heavy base makes the perfect balanced grip. It's imprinted in a cool Zeus logo. Relish in your favorite drink in a classy Zeus whiskey glass.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Rishi R.
    Good but not Great

    These glasses were thick but not the heavy thick style for Scotch drinkers that I was hoping for. Also the shape allows the hand to slip if a person is not careful

    Rachel A.
    Glasses came in very nice looking packaging

    Best glass for the scotch. I am mostly using these for old fashioned and the big ice cube fits in perfectly and it looks great in the hand.

    Perfect for some Pappy

    Or Maker's Mark :D

    Angel D.
    Great glass

    nice glasses for the price, perfect for round ice cubes and scotch, good size

    Tom H.
    All I want to do is drink all day

    And this glass should help me with that! Jk haha.