How To Trim & Style Your Mustache

How To Trim & Style Your Mustache

The resurgence of the mustache is back and to be completely honest, we’re not mad about it. A look that was rocked by cowboys and movie stars alike, the mustache deserves its time in the sun. In today’s world, the mustache signifies a man who’s secure in his masculinity. He’s not afraid to stand out but also takes the time to maintain himself, because we all know that a good ‘stache takes a little TLC to look good. The slightly higher maintenance brother of the beard has the potential to look great if groomed or the potential to look a little creepy if unkempt. 

Want to know how to properly groom and style your mustache?

Keep on reading for our step by step tutorial.

1. Trim Your Mustache

Start with the Right Tools

To get your facial hair looking right, you have to start with the right tools. 

Mustache Comb - a good comb or brush through is essential to getting the cleanest trim on your mustache. You’re going to want the hairs all facing the same direction before starting any trimming. If you’re on the go, try a folding mustache comb you can keep in your pocket.

Mustache Scissors - We’re partial to the precision that small mustache scissors provides. Don’t even think about pulling out those old rusty shears from your drawers or we’ll send someone after you.

Electric Trimmer or Safety Razor - If you’re trimming your mustache down from a full beard, than consider an electric trimmer or a safety razor to cover a wider area of your face. We are partial to the safety razor as it reduces the risks of nicks and razor bumps. Treat yourself to a good safety razor and it can last you decades. Grab one over at Royal Shave, they host a variety of razors for experts as well as amateurs.

Make Sure Your Hair is Nice & Clean

Before you go holding a sharp tool to your face, make sure that the hair and skin underneath it, is dry and clean! Aside from the grossness of it all, trimming hair that is crusted up by food or dandruff can get pretty difficult. If you’re already washing your beard with a quality beard shampoo & conditioner, make sure to get your upper lip as well. However, always make sure that your mustache is DRY before trimming. Hair is longer when it’s wet and trimming it while damp, is a good way to ensure that you end up cutting too much off.

2. How To Trim your ‘Stache

Trim the upper lip: Comb your mustache downward, assuming that it grows in that direction. Take your small grooming scissors and start trimming the hairs along the bottom of your mustache, right above your lip. Follow the natural curve of your lip, but be careful to not trim to high. Start in the middle and work your way left and then do the same to the other side.

Trim the length: Next, it’s time to trim the length. If your mustache is long enough to be tickling your nose, then it might be a good idea to remove some of the excess hair. To do this, take your mustache comb and run it about halfway through your mustache in the direction that the hair grows and trim the hairs that poke out of the comb. Keep on doing this, until it’s as short as you’d like.

3. How To Style Your 'Stache

Congratulations! You’ve finished trimming your mustache, now it’s time to style it appropriately. If you need your mustache to look a little neater, try using a product like Zeus Mustache Wax. Take a little product between your fingers and work it into the mustache. You can use a comb if necessary, but a quality wax like Zeus Mustache Wax can be reworked throughout the day.

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