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Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor Set by Dovo

Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor Set by Dovo


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  • A mustache safety razor kit for when you need control and precision
  • Lustrous, chrome-plated finish to stave off rust
  • Non-slip knurling on the handle
  • Includes a genuine leather case and a 10-pack of Merkur Mustache Blades
  • Razor Length: 3” | Case Dimensions: 5.125”L x 3”W x 1”H

When your beard starts to cover more of your mug, shaping and detailing—particularly on your cheeks and at your neckline—are crucial to looking like the dashing, well-groomed gent you are. To handle such an undertaking, we present to you the Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor Set. Inside, you’ll find a chrome-plated mustache razor—the only grooming tool you’ll ever need to keep your beard and ‘stache in perfect form. Forged by German blade masters Dovo, this mustache and detailing razor is unimpeachably well-built despite its small stature. Knurling on the handle ensures a non-slip grip in wet and soapy hands, and a double-sided head gives you the option to take broader or narrower strokes.

The Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor Set also includes a genuine leather case with elastic bands, allowing you to keep a blade in the razor whilst traveling, as well a 10-pack of Merkur Mustache Blades for several months’ worth of shaping and detailing. Get your beard in perfect form with this essential detailing kit.
What's Inside:
(1) Zeus Mustache and Detailing Safety Razor by Dovo - Chrome Finish
(1) Genuine Leather Case with Button Enclosure
(1) 10-Pack of Merkur Mustache Safety Razor Blades

Made in Germany
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jonathan L.

I got my new detail razor this week it’s awesome perfect for shaven tough places
Won’t cut you all over the places

A B.
This is great tool to have

I use it every time I want to detail my mustace or part of my beard, is really practical and useful.

Yoshua S.
Cool gift

Got this from my wife for my birthday. Very small and novel

Richard G.

Just like the other porducts tha Zeus has, this is up there with them, I just wish that I would have gotten it sooner, I would of eliminated all the struggle of trying to detail the edges of my beard with a nromal disposable razor.

Graham M.

Kind of a gimmick tbh