Starter Beard Care Kits to Nurture Healthy Growth

Starter Beard Care Kits to Nurture Healthy Growth

Whether you’re a seasoned facial hair grower or a novice looking to up their grooming game, Zeus Beard has some useful beard care sets that will ensure you stay looking fresh and clean.

Instead of having you comb through our expansive catalogue of products, we decided to take out all the guesswork and curate three kits that will suit anyone’s grooming needs based on their facial hair type.

Regardless of which kit you go with, rest assured that your beard or mustache will be moisturized and strengthened to god-tier levels.

All of the beard care sets come with three of our tried-and-true products and are meant to work with one another to help your facial hair reach its fullest potential. Each three-piece kit comes in three different scents — Verbena Lime, Sandalwood or Vanilla Rum — to fit whichever mood you’re in.

The sets all come in a metal tin that’ great for gifting to others and for storage.

Zeus Starter Beard Care Set

As the name suggests, the Zeus Starter Beard Care Set is the go-to kit for those who just getting serious about their grooming.

It comes with a bottle of our beard shampoo, which will get your facial hair clean without drying it out and stripping it of its natural oils. It’s made with chamomile, dragon’s blood and green tea to hydrate skin and promote hair growth, as well as reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

We recommend using cold water while washing your beard with our shampoo to reduce the likelihood of split ends. Just wet your beard, put a nickel-sized dollop of shampoo into your palm) and work the product into your facial hair for at least 30 seconds. Rinse your beard thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

This kit also includes a bottle of our beard conditioner to help keep your beard soft after you’ve washed it. Made with aloe vera, avocado oil, green tea and jojoba oil, our conditioner will tame even the gnarliest facial hairs.

After cleaning your beard with shampoo, and while your face is still wet, thoroughly work in a small amount of the conditioner into your beard and/or mustache and leave in the product for at least a minute before rinsing it out.

It wouldn’t be a starter kit without some kind of brush to style your facial hair, so this set includes the Zeus Palm Beard Brush G92. It’s a great all-around brush made with second-cut, 100% soft boar bristles that will leave your beard clean and tangle-free with every brush stroke.

The handle is made from warp-resistant and robust pear wood that many of our other premium grooming tools are made from. It also features finger grooves along the side to help during tough brushing sessions.

Zeus Thin to Normal Thickness Starter Beard Care Kit

Starter Beard Care Kits to Nurture Healthy Growth

Once you’ve got a hang of keeping your facial hair clean and groomed, step up to the Zeus Thin to Normal Thickness Starter Beard Care Kit.

It’s a great set for those who either have a thin, stubbly beard or a beard that’s more grown in.

This kit comes with a set of our shampoo and conditioner, but instead of another brush, we included a bottle of our beard oil, which will add another layer of hydration and protection to your facial hair.

Our oil is made natural ingredients — safflower, argan and grape seed oils, as well as Vitamin E — and when applied will lock in moisture to keep your hair and skin hydrated, and reduce skin irritation. It will also reduce the likeliness of “beardruff” — it’s like dandruff but for your beard.

So how do you use beard oil? As usual, make sure you clean your facial hair with beard shampoo and conditioner before applying beard oil. Once your facial hair is prepped, add and few drops of oil into your hands and massage it into the hairs. To ensure the oil is evenly distributed, use a beard brush — like the one from the first starter kit.

Zeus Thick or Textured Starter Beard Care Kit

Starter Beard Care Kits to Nurture Healthy Growth

If you’ve been growing out you beard to the point where it’s thicker or you have a more textured beard, you should opt for the Zeus Thick or Textured Starter Beard Care Kit after using our standard care set.

Just like the previous kits, this care set comes with our beard shampoo and conditioner. However, we included our refined beard oil in this pack instead of our standard beard oil.

Our refined beard oil is made with argan seed and almond oil to restore natural shine and volume to your facial hair, as well as protect it from UV damage. It also has soybean to repair damaged skin while detangling beard hairs. It’s also a great option for those who have sensitive skin.

Like with beard oil, make sure your facial hair is clean before applying our refined beard oil. Its thicker, gel-like consistency is great for those with denser or textured facial hair. It’s fast absorbing and easy to use. Just shake the bottle before dispensing, massage in one to two pumps of the product into your beard and you’ll be good all day.

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