You may be able to grow an impressive, thick mustache, but it’ll never be worthy of the gods if you don’t groom it. Don’t worry if mustache grooming is uncharted territory – we’ve made it easy for you with our new Mustache Wax – Verbena Lime and Mustache Styling Wax – Mega Hold. Use them alone or together for a killer ‘stache.

Mustache Wax - Verbena Lime

Strength: Light to medium

Shine: Natural

Best for: Relaxed occasions and 9 – 5 wear

What it does: Mustache Wax – Verbena Lime is basically a balm for your mustache. It conditions while providing light hold. Plus it reduces itch!


    • Mustache on the dryer side? Restore moisture by washing your beard/mustache and then applying beard oil while your mustache is still damp. Follow with mustache wax once your mustache is dry.

    • For a healthy, tidy appearance, work the wax through your mustache with your fingers or a mustache comb. The comb will separate individual hairs and give you control over shape.

    • Slip it into your pocket for restyling and touch ups throughout the day.

    • To lock in the shape, blow dry your mustache with warm and then cool air for a few seconds.

    • Wash it out at the end of the night to give your ‘stache a break. Not washing it off can cause product build up and brittle hair.

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Mustache Styling Wax – Mega Hold

Strength: Strong

Shine: Medium

Best for: A night out or a special event

What it does: Mustache Styling Wax – Mega Hold gives you the ultimate control for styling an epic mustache, with enough hold to create enviable handle bars and twists. Use Mustache Styling Wax – Mega Hold to train your mustache.


    • Start with a dry, freshly-washed mustache before applying the wax. This ensures maximum hold.

    • Remember that a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and only add more as necessary. Because of its slightly thicker consistency, using too much can cause clumping and flaking.

    • We recommend using a mustache comb to apply the wax. This will get rid of any clumps, as well as evenly distribute the wax.

    • To lock in the shape, blow dry your mustache with cool air for a few seconds.

    • As with the Mustache Wax – Verbena Lime, you should wash everything out at the end of the day. If you are training your mustache, you can keep the mustache wax on overnight – just be aware you may wake if with a few kinks if you’re not a back sleeper.

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How to use the two together

For a softer version of any mustache shape (handlebar, English, etc.), apply Mustache Wax – Verbena Lime all over, and only use Mega Hold on the tips.
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