What Happens If You Don't WASH Your Beard?

What Happens If You Don't WASH Your Beard?

If we were to ask you to wash the most important parts of your body, which places would you immediately think of? Chances are your beard isn’t the place that comes to mind. It’s valuable to know though., that the beard is the perfect primed environment for housing bacteria.

Although beards take a little more TLC than a smooth shaven face, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To give you a more clear idea of how unhygienic beards can be, allow us to tell you of a study done in 2018 that showed that some of men's beards proved to house more bacteria than the most unsanitary areas of dogs. We’re sorry to paint that picture for you, but the study proved that mens beards are full of bacteria that can likely lead to infection in animals. Not only this, but the bacteria in unwashed beards were also compared to the germs found in toilet seats in a study done by Quest Diagnostics.

Now that our point is made, let’s jump into the reasons why beards are so prone to this occurrence. Just like the skin on any other part of our body, the skin on our faces shed at a rapid and consistent pace. When these dead skin cells mix with sebum from the skin and further combine with moisture, existing bacteria and other microorganisms, they can grow and multiply. It’s with this in mind, that we need to upkeep proper facial care hygiene. A variety of skin infections or other conditions can occur from not taking care of it properly. If that doesn’t drive the point home, men with curly beards are also prone to catching pubic lice in them, commonly known as “crabs”.

What can you do to keep your beard clean?

The answer is simple enough - establish a good beard care routine and practice it consistently. Investing in good beard cleaning products can prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria on your face. Some things that are a staple in a beard care routine are a beard shampoo and conditioner, beard oil, a beard balm and beard brush or comb. Follow the steps below for the perfect beginner beard care routine.

Step 1: Use a Beard Shampoo

Beard shampoos differ from regular shampoos in that they are formulated to not overstrip the natural oils from your beard and face. Zeus Beard Shampoo Wash keeps your beard clean and healthy with its antibiotic qualities that help bacteria growth. If you struggle with acne or inflamed skin, this can also assist with that along with soothing irritation.

Step 2: Use a Beard Conditioner

As mentioned previously, a contribution to the overgrowth of bacteria can be linked to the buildup of dead skin cells mixing with oil in the beard. This is exasperated by dandruff found in the beard caused by dry skin. To combat that, use a beard conditioner after shampooing your facial hair. Zeus Beard Conditioner and Softener keeps the hair and skin underneath soft and hydrated, reducing the amount of flaky skin resulting in less bacteria growth overall.

Step 3: Don’t forget Beard Oil

Piggybacking on the idea of hydration, it is important to the overall health of your hair and skin to use a beard oil after washing and conditioning your beard. Quality beard oils are created with special blends of essential oils to help moisturize the beard and the skin underneath. Using one like Zeus Natural Beard Oil, will minimize skin flakes and the buildup of bacteria. This beard oil is available in 7 fragrant yet masculine scents, so there’s an option for everybody.

Step 4: Brush that Beard

Obviously brushing your beard helps with detangling, but it also assist with beard hygiene. Brushing your beard after washing and applying oil helps distribute the product evenly into your strands. It also gently exfoliates the underlying skin, removing flakes and dirt buildup that can contribute to bacteria growth. If your beard is longer, try a brush with firmer bristles. If your beard is shorter and thinner, try one with softer bristles.

Get everything you need to keep that beard spick and span in Zeus's Deluxe Beard Care Kit. Packaged in a convenient reusable dopp bag, it includes a full sized beard shampoo and conditioner, along with their top selling beard oil and beard brush.

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