Which Zeus Beard Brush Is Best For You?

There are more beard brush options than ever before. While we are grateful for even having options, knowing which is really right for you can be a challenge. Zeus alone has 5 different styles. Each is offered with soft or firm natural boar bristles. But what does all this really mean? We’ll figure it out together!

Soft vs Firm

First, what’s that ‘soft’ or ‘firm’ business about? We’re talking about bristles. Natural boar hair bristles are key to both quality and function of a beard brush. 

First cut boar bristles are firm, allowing them to penetrate longer, dense growth with ease. 

Second cut boar bristles are softer, making them ideal for shorter growth or sensitive skin. 

No matter which cut you choose, boar hair bristles will benefit your beard by evenly distributing beard oils and promoting healthy growth!

Size Matters

It’s important to choose a brush that feels comfortable in your hand. Every Zeus beard brush is crafted in Germany using durable, warp-resistant Pear Wood. 

The Pocket, Palm, and Military style brushes all feature a solid body design with contoured finger grooves. The Beard & Mustache and Long Handle brushes are a more traditional take with separated bristle and grip areas. The Pocket Brush measures in at a compact 3.5” long while the Long Handle Brush stands tallest at 6”.

Here is a breakdown of each Zeus Beard Brush:

Zeus Pocket Beard Brush

Our most petite beard brush is small, yet mighty! Slip it into your pocket for touch ups throughout the day or keep it in your dopp bag for on the go. Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be discreet in any situation. There is a reason it remains a customer favorite!

SHOP: Zeus Pocket Beard Brush Soft or Zeus Pocket Beard Brush Firm

Zeus Beard & Mustache Brush

Three rows of bristles and an extended handle allow for easy maneuvering. Its narrow body is ideal for grooming tighter, more sensitive spaces like your upper lip. We like this beard brush as an on-the-go option due to its effective, lightweight style.

SHOP: Zeus Beard & Mustache Brush Soft or Zeus Beard & Mustache Brush Firm

Zeus Palm Beard Brush

Seven rows of evenly cut boar hair bristles give this brush supreme taming abilities. Its handle is almost an inch longer than the Pocket, giving those with larger hands a better grip while still remaining travel friendly.

SHOP: Zeus Palm Beard Brush Soft or Zeus Palm Beard Brush Firm

Zeus Military Brush

For those with longer beards or larger hands, the Military Brush is ready to keep unruly hairs in line. Its wide bristle base is complimented by a 2.5” wide body, making it more ideal for an at home grooming tool.

SHOP: Zeus Military Brush Soft or Zeus Military Brush Firm

Zeus Long Handle Beard Brush

Big brother to the Mustache & Beard Brush, the Long Handle Brush is a traditional take on a classic grooming tool. Four bristle rows cover a larger surface area, making it more ideal for those with medium to long length beards. The longer handle contributes to a secure, comfortable grooming session.

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