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Zeus Cotton Steam Towel, White

Zeus Cotton Steam Towel, White


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  • 100% COTTON
  • SOFT

  • Exceptional absorbency and softness
  • Embroidered with the Zeus logo
  • Specifically cut long for pre-shave use | Dimensions: 14" x 32"
  • 100% Cotton | Machine Washable and Dryer Safe
  • Comes in a pack of 6 and 12

Just like in the barber shop, the Zeus Steam Towel is perfect for prepping the face with a hot soak before shaving. Also works great for cleaning the face and neck after the shave or even wiping a straight razor between passes. Made from 100% cotton and has exceptional absorbency and softness. It's cut long at 14" x 32" specifically for pre-shave use. Create a godly shaving experience with a Zeus Steam Towel.

How to create a steam towel: Before you begin your usual shaving routine, apply an essential oil to a dry towel then place them in a hot towel cabinet. If you do not have one available, just simply soak the towel in hot water (be careful when squeezing excess water out). Apply the hot towel over your face. The heat from the towel softens up your facial hair so you get a close, comfortable shave. Remove the towel when it's no longer hot then continue to your regular shaving routine.
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Customer Reviews

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Joshua R.
Just great


C H.
This towel is great

I use it for when I shave, because I do not want to use the other towels that I have to dry my body, because they are too big, and over time is harder to get rid of the shaving cream that is left over when I clean my face after I am done shaving. With this towel thought all that is eliminated, because that is what is build for, and it is super soft, you want that type of texture when you are done shaving because your just scrapped your face with the blade. After I use it for 2 or 3 times I just toss it in the washer and is good to go again.

Jake Z.
Get it you will enjoy it

You will not regreat getting it, and having your other yowels being clean from shaving cream.

Tony G.
Zeus Cotton Steam Towel

I love the Zeus Cotton Steam Towel. I use one when I am trimming my beard, one for the gym (how can the ladies not notice the badass Zeus insignia?) and one as a decoration for my bathroom.

Raymond E.
Who knew

I never thought that such a towel would be good to have for the day to day routine of shaving specially for me because all I would do was trow some weatter on my face to clean it, but after using this I still use the water but this nice and soft towel I cna really make sure that I compleatly clean my face from any shaving cream left over.