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Zeus Facial Hair Trimming Catcher Bib Beard Apron, Grey

Zeus Facial Hair Trimming Catcher Bib Beard Apron, Grey


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  • Catches your facial hair trimming with no fuss
  • Hang up your apron onto the levers when you need to pause
  • Comes with suction cups that easily attaches and detaches from the mirror
  • Self packing bag comes attached to the apron for quick, easy storage
  • Dimensions: 45 in (length)
  • It's that time again when your godly, luscious mane has grown a little wild and you need to trim away. But the thought of cleaning up all that hair around your sink and bathroom floor sounds boring and time consuming. Don't fret! No longer will you dread the thought of grooming when you use the Zeus Beard Apron. The beard catcher or beard bib is lightweight and can be carried every where you go. This beard apron features a velcro strap closure to wrap around your neck, suction cups to securely stick to your mirror, hang loops to hang over the levers for when you need to pause, and a built in pouch for easy, quick storage. One size.

    How to Use a Beard Trimming Apron:

    1) Attach velcro straps around your neck
    2) Stick the suction cups to the mirror
    3) Groom away, let your apron catch all fallen hairs
    4) Need to step away for a moment? Hang the loops on the levers
    5) All done? Detach suction cups by lifting the levers up to remove from the mirror
    6) To dispose, hover over your trashcan and toss hair out
    7) To store it, flip the self packing bag inside out and pack in the apron
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    John H
    beard apron

    so glad i purchased this product easy to use with no hairs in the sink to clean up great company great customer service i highly recommend

    Rob H.
    Great way to keep the bathroom clean from hair trimmings

    Great fitting bip that keep the cut hair in one place to keep everything clean. The color helps to see the hairs that need to be cut. Definitely recommend

    Chettha S.
    Ladies get it!!

    If you are tired of having to clean after your man takes a shower and trims his beard, get this bib for him, trust me you will not regreat it, it will be mony well worth it. If I would have a 1$ for every time I had to clean after my husband even though he said and I quote "; is clean I cleaned it right after I finished trimming my beard";. I would of had more money in my bank than I do now for some nice heels, but I don';t that is why I decided to get him this bib, because I had enought of cleaning it every time. I have to say it had been the best investment that I have gotten for my bath room, because now I do not have to clena after the bath room is actually clean. Thanks

    Morgan K.

    AMAZING product!!! This saved me time and the headache of cleaning up the sink and having my wife complain about the hair all over. It is quick and easy to put up and take down. I bought 3 more for christmas gifts. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has a beard or any girl that has a significant other with a beard.

    Lewis S.
    Must have!!

    This thing seems silly at first but it is such a life saver. It saves me SO much time and hassle. It stores nices, easy to use. Its just a quality product. I highly recommend